For the Love of Dance

Once again I am writing from Mimi's Closet... today it is all about my obsession with all things ballet.  Well, my obsession is really more about the clothes (it always is) and the way the dancers dress during rehearsals.  I absolutely love the the way the dancers layer effortlessly and just look so cool.  Whether it is leg warmers, tutu's, chiffon skirts, ballet sweaters, etc... they always make me want to go to the nearest dance store to stock up on layers.  

Eventually, I start to think about how I can translate this obsession into something that I could wear out in public and not look like I just left the dance studio.  And, after watching one of my all time fave dance movies last night (the award winning Center Stage), I must dress like a dancer today!  So, being on my "vacay" in Ohio, I only have so much to work with...

- lightweight/airy dress... check
- sheer layers... check
- tights... check
- knee socks (closest thing to leg warmers)... check
- boots... check
- faux fur (left my vest at home, so it is a scarf today)... check

Here we go... (by the way, I am not posting any more pics of myself until I can take better pictures... I need a tripod and a good model pout!)

The best part of ballet inspired looks is that they never go out of style.  Every season, especially in the Spring, you can always find designers who have once again used this art as an inspiration.  This season, several of the designers who have created beautiful looks out of layered lightweight and sheer fabrics are Alberta Ferretti, J. Mendel,  Chloe and Christian Cota...  

I absolutely love these looks!  So feminine and romantic... sigh...

                       - Allison

* Photos are stills from Center Stage and Black Swan.  The other ballet photos are courtesy of Kyle Froman photography, dreamstime.com, enonava.de and style.com.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with loving all things dance wear!