The New Must Have... the LBJ

I swear I have more to do in the mornings than sit and watch Kelly & Michael, but today I am pretty excited that I did.  I was cleaning up the kitchen, and out walks the first guest... Julianna Margulies.  I always stop what I am doing to watch this part... I have to check out what the celebrities are wearing, duh!

So, Julianna Margulies confidently strides out looking gorgeous in a sleeveless black jumpsuit accented with several gold necklaces (either wrapped or varying lengths) and very cool green and black platform sandals.  The jumpsuit was so great that I must find one immediately.  It was so classic, chic and flattering.  Forget the LBD, go buy the LBJ.

Julianna told Kelly that her friend, Tess Giberson, was the designer.  After googling Tess, I find out that she is a very talented designer (i.e. I loooove her look), but it is expensive.  I guess she will be my new go for inspiring looks.

Her aesthetic is more minimalistic with some tailoring... clean looks, but with great detail to how the garment is constructed.  Here are several looks from Fall 2012, Resort 2013 and Spring 2013.

Beautiful clothes, right?!  But, back to the LBJ... as with any perfect garment, the only tasteful versions seem to be on the expensive side.  I am going to work on a new post trying to find more reasonable versions... hopefully with an image of Julianna Margulies from this morning.

For now, I found these two jumpsuits to give you an idea of what I am referring to...

Elle Ruffled Jumpsuit by Single
L'Agence Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Until next week...

                                                                                                                  - Allison

*Photos courtesy of tessgiberson.com, neimanmarcus.com, farfetch.com.


Can't take the country out of the girl...

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.  Okay, I may have grown up in Ohio, but it was in a suburb.  Not as country as those who have teased would like to think, but those farm jokes never get old.

However, I did grow up with a father who would have liked to believe that he was a transplanted cowboy.  Therefore, he always added a touch of country to his most suave ensembles... usually in the form of cowboy boots.  I never really put two and two together until just recently.  I don't think that it is any accident that most of the boots I own have a western flair.

The cowboy thing, my addiction to J. Crew, my undying love for dresses and dressing up makes for a very interesting take on the trends.  A perfect example would be my recent dinner ensemble.  It was my anniversary last week (eight years!), and on this very stormy evening Greg (the hubs) and I decided to take our girls out to dinner.... we couldn't get a sitter.

My need to dress up, the rain and the fact that G&E were joining us, led me to an ensemble that even had Greg making comments.  Men!  Will they ever understand?

I started with a very poofy, taffeta J. Crew miniskirt.  There she is...

I added a pinch of preppy (Tippi sweater), a touch of elegance (jewelry) and whole lot of western flair (Frye boots and belt).

Drenching rain, some cocktails and very well-behaved daughters resulted in a fun evening and terrible looking hair!

I am starting to think that it isn't just a coincidence that Emma adores her pink cowboy boots...

                                                                                                                                     - Allison


Oh là là... the mid calf boot

With the start of Fall only days away (yay!!) and some refreshingly cool temps right around the corner, it is time to bring out the boots.  The most important question - Which style is right for me?

The beautiful thing about the millions of boot varieties available right now is that it is almost impossible not to find the right boot for you.  Granted, not every boot is perfect for every look, but you can find a pair that will meet most of your needs based on your lifestyle, wardrobe and overall style.

I wanted to focus in on a type that tends to get lost in the shuffle... the mid calf boot.  With all of the booties, shoeties, knee high and over the knee boots, this style doesn't get the airtime it deserves.  These boots aren't for everyone, but if you are one that likes to kick around in a casual bootie, then this style is for you.  Even more important, I find mid calf versions much more flattering and versatile than the standard Dicker boot knockoff.

Mid Calf boots have lots of personalities.  They can be tough...

Frye Veronica Slouch Boot

They can be demure...

Imagine a boot that is a few inches shorter... loved this shot.

A little bit country...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cowboy Boot

Just plain cool...

Frye Miranda Slouch Boot

Sophisticated and edgy...

Fashion forward sexy and chic...

Isabel Marant Lazio Wedge Boot

You can't go wrong with the mid calf boot.  Short dresses, long skirts, skinnies, possibly even pair of leather leggings... the mid calf boot will take you far.  Definitely my boot of choice this Fall.

*Photos courtesy of revolveclothing.com, piperlime.com, barneys.com, elle.com, teenvogue.com, loefflerrandall.com & netaporter.com.


NYFW Street Style Inspires...

I admit, I couldn't even bring myself to start sifting through all of the Fashion Week images.  The thought of Spring fashion is just not on my radar yet.  I am more concerned about getting my closet ready for Fall let alone worrying about what I will be wearing next May.  The other issue, while Fall trends can influence our Spring/Summer looks, it is much harder to translate new Spring looks into inspiration for Fall.  So, I will leave Spring trends for another day and focus on NYFW street style for inspiration.

I am a big street style fan.  I love seeing how different people make the season's trends their own.  It is a  perfect way for self-expression as well as inspiration for others.  You never know where your next great outfit idea will come from, so keep your eyes peeled.  

With that being said, I was a bit disappointed this go around.  While there are always brilliantly dressed women, it seems that most are just trying way too hard.  It's as though people are forsaking true style to be as outrageous as possible to catch the eye of the nearest photographer.  The obsession with becoming "famous" is leading to silly, ridiculous and not flattering looks.  Where has the style gone?

Uninspiring pics aside, there were still some great looks.  Oversized clutches seemed to be the bag of choice, while bold and edgy accessories were all the rage.  When it comes to clothing choices, anything goes...

Just remember... Keeps looks clean.  Do not overthink.  Be comfortable.  

                                                                                                                             - Allison

*Photos courtesy of nymag.com.


Love, love, love...

I am so excited to share my latest fab find with you... Kirna Zabête for Target.  This collection debuted September 9th, and is full of fun pieces that you must own... trust me.

Let's just say that as I entered my local Target yesterday afternoon to pick up a few soccer things for my girls, I was immediately drawn to the women's section.  I spied some fun and colorful prints that were not Target's standard fare.  I quickly realized that I had completely missed the debut of a fabulous new collection, and apparently the entire marketing campaign that went with it.

I didn't have much time with my beloved G&E in tow, so I swiftly grabbed a super cute shift (they actually had my size!) with the intention of doing a bit more research back at the ranch.  My wheels immediately started turning about this dress that I had just scored... $35, made well, wearable fabric, could be worn to work, pick up or out to dinner... in other words, perfect!  

My dress...

I was so curious about the other pieces in the collection and who exactly Kirna Zabête was, that I had to get on the computer asap... Kirna Zabête is a boutique in NYC (Soho to be exact) that was started 11 years ago by two friends with quite a history in the industry.  KZ is fun, colorful and chic - known for its lavender floors as well as their fab high-end designer pieces - clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.  I then discovered that Target has started targeting cool out-of-the-way shops to create collections that become a shop-within-a-shop at Target.  

The above was just my initial reaction to this a-mah-zing collection.  You can imagine my excitement when I actually tried on the dress (picture to come later)...  it fits so well, it feels like it is much more expensive than it is, it different and cute and I can truly wear it everywhere.  The funniest part is that after staring at myself in the mirror for a bit, I went to Kirna Zabête's website.  There I found a quote, which pretty much sums up my feelings about their collection...

The dream is to have the perfect outfit that can
take us through the daily schizophrenia of being
working mothers. Something above the
ordinary that can go the distance from runway
show to soccer field sidelines. We designed the
entire Kirna Zabête at Target collection to mix
and match together. You can get an entire
wardrobe of downtown cool. There are only
good combinations. It's a mini lesson in print
mixing. A lesson in MORE is MORE and accessory
madness. Wear a hat! Add a floral print trench
coat! Take a tiny risk! S T R E T C H.

They really did hit the nail on the head.  Even better, you can shop this collection on their website with free shipping.  
Here are some of my favorites....

Get out there and start shopping before it's gone... 

                                                                                                                 - Allison

*Photos courtesy of kirnazabete.com.


NYFW: Standout Look Part Deux

As NYFW continues, so does my quest to find stand out looks that can transition easily into fab Fall ensembles.  Last week it was the little white dress, today it is a feather skirt.

In a season full of leather, sequins and lace, feathers are the perfect way to make your look unique.  The other plus, feathers also transition really well... trust me.

Let's start with the the Tie Dye Feather Skirt from Zara (fun, edgy and affordable)...

Skirt With Tie Dye Feathers

For the perfect fashion week look, or just a super cool work ensemble, I would add a tweedish blazer - the zipper detailing gives it a bit of edge.  This one is from Zara as well, actually, the entire look is from Zara... what can I say, they have great stuff this season.  

With the edgy blazer, I would add a basic white tank (it is still warm) and a perfectly pointy toe black heel.  C'est chic.

Fantasy Fabric Jacket With Zips

Basic T-Shirt

Leather High Heeled Court Shoe

For a cooler weather, less casual look, I love the idea of adding a chunky knit and motorcycle boots.  This is my "go to" for casual cool.  I must add this to my closet asap.

Detailed Knit Jersey

Biker Ankle Boot With Buckle

With looks like these, this is going to be a very fabulous Fall.
                                           - Allison
*All photos courtesy of zara.com.