The Problem with the Skinny

Ahhhh... a sigh of relief.  It is good to be back.  The few weeks have been a whirlwind of vacation, parties with friends & family, and then prepping for back to school.  Now, I can take a deep breath as I have almost half the day to myself... I can actually sit down and write again.  Woohoo!!

My first topic to cover is something that has been bugging me for several weeks... the skinny jean.  I have watched email after email from every store, magazine, etc raving about the skinny jean.  Yes, they are versatile.  Yes, it is fun to wear them in different colors, prints and washes.  Yes, the skinny jean is a must have.  But no, the same jean is not flattering on everyone and, no, the legging look should not be your "go to" jean.

Eons ago when the skinny jean first came on the scene, it was a great change.  A tailored jean - skimming the leg - ending in either a cigarette style or hitting the shoe hemmed to the perfect length or with an engineered scrunch at the ankle. These jeans looked great with hip length tops, tunics and longer cardigans.  Next up, the jegging.  Glorified leggings that look good under tunic style tops or a short dress.
Rag & Bone - The Legging Jean

Not surprising, designers start to play with different fabrications and the next thing you know... the skinny jean and the jegging have become one.  These two becoming one had to be one of the worst fashion moments for women everywhere.  Now, as the Fashion Gods promote the skinny jean, they forgot to tell you that you are wearing leggings.  Any type of pant that clings to every single curve of your leg are is just not a good look... unless you are model, tiny and petite, spend way too many hours in the gym or just got blessed with great legs.

J. Crew - Stretch Toothpick Jean

Would you ever tuck a shirt into a pair of leggings?  Would ever wear any type of shirt that hips above your bum with a pair of leggings?  I am thinking no.  But you do... these denim leggings are everywhere.  One of the biggest problems is the lightweight, stretchy material.  The second problem is that we have lost the straight leg (slim through the thigh and falling narrow and straight to the ankle).  Now the jeans just cling all the way to the ankle.  The straight leg helps to balance the bottom half of your body.  The clinging to your ankles really does nothing.

7 For All Mankind - Straight Leg Jean

This does not mean that you should immediately ditch all of your super skinny jeans.  Simply take it as something to think about...  As you start to shop for pants this season, think about how you want them to look.  What are you going to wear them with?  If you have a closet full of long shirts, sweaters and short dresses, skinny jeans are for you.  If you would like to wear these jeans with hip length sweaters and blouses, a slim, straight leg might be more of the look you are after.

Citizens of Humanity - Ava Straight Leg Jean

                                                                                                                      - Allison

*Photos courtesy of shopbop.com and jcrew.com.

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