TGFMBP! (Thank God for my Black Pants)

I know that I have mentioned before about how important basics are to your wardrobe.  I am also aware that everyone thinks basics are "boring", but they are the foundation.  If you don't have the basics, then you are going to be in trouble!  The other important thing about basics is that they do have to be replaced every few years.  They will start to show wear or the styles change a bit... I just had to get rid of my black t-neck sweaters because I went to put one on, and they all came up to my belly button, seriously!

Okay, back to my point, do you have a "go to" pair of black pants?  The pair of pants that you look and feel amazing in every time you wear them.  Well, if not, it is time to get a pair.  Believe me they will save your life in a fashion sort of way.  As an example, the other night my husband and I were invited out to dinner at 4 pm - our reservation was 6:30 pm.  Between frantically texting babysitters and picking up the house, the last thing I could do was worry about what I was going to wear.  So when it came time to get dressed I said "TGFMBP"!

The beautiful thing about these pants is that they always make me feel tall and chic!  I can put on a tee and jewelry, a dressy top or even my short, straight shift... it doesn't matter, I always look good (at least I think I do) when I wear my favorite black pants.  Therefore it is essential that you have that pair of pants that always make you look and feel fabulous!

The important thing to remember is that they must be a classic style, but it needs to suit you and your body. For me, I have a great pair of skinny black pants and then the pair that I was referring to, which are a classic pair of trouser pants, but more fitted through the hip with a slight flare.  Now it is up to you to go and try on as many different black pants until you find the perfect pair.

                                                          - Allison
*photos courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com & dvf.com


Going to New Lengths

There is a certain skirt that I have been completely obsessed with since I first saw the Tory Burch Resort preview last summer.  It is a beautiful blue chiffon skirt with an Indian print... it is perfect and brings out my inner hippie (I will wear it and listen to the Dead - reliving the memories of the one & only Grateful Dead concert that I was able to attend)!  There is one problem, though, it is a maxi skirt... a floor grazing maxi skirt!  The question being, how and when am I ever going to wear this skirt that I have been drooling over for the last 6 months!

First of all, it is January.  It has been snowing every other day... the snow from right after Christmas still has not melted.  It isn't like I can wear the skirt while I am scraping off my car, or better yet, when I have to trudge through a slush covered parking lot.  So is it worth the purchase?  Well, in a couple of months the snow will melt, the temps will rise and it would look really pretty with a couple of layers and some boots... it would also look awesome with just a white tank and flip flops... Oh, and if I ever go to a party or to some exotic locale, it would absolutely perfect to wear!

So, my question to you... will you adopt the new length this spring?  Maxi dresses and skirts are everywhere - part of the 70's invasion!  We have been bombarded lately with all of the different ways to
wear them now and how to wear them later, but is it really practical?  Maybe if you live in LA or Miami, but for the rest of us?  The other problem is that trying to accomplish your daily errands or while you race to catch the train or subway, this might not be the best piece of clothing to wear... but, if you save this look for a lazy day, a party or just when you want to feel pretty, it might just work!

My advice to you, don't dismiss this trend until you give it some thought.  There are so many different styles available right now, you will probably find something that is perfect for you and your lifestyle!

                 - Allison

*Photos courtesy of toryburch.com, bergdorfgoodman.com, neimanmarcus.com & saksfifthavenue.com


A New Denim Love

I have been dying to tell you about a new love of mine... a denim love!  The new high-waisted skinny from J.Crew.  They really are amazing!  Lightweight, stretchy, soft... plus the waist.... I have forgotten how nice it is to actually have pants that cover my underwear when I quickly bend down to take care of the kids.

These jeans are perfect to wear with flats, heels or boots and so comfortable that you will feel like you are wearing leggings.  The high waist allows you to wear shorter tops with no worries, but don't tuck anything and wear cowboy boots at the same time... vaguely reminiscent of Footloose.

They actually remind me a lot of the Tory Burch denim, another love of mine!  However, these are a bit easier on the wallet... I definitely recommend taking a look.  And, for those of you who think you are too old to wear these jeans, my mom and I both bought a pair.... she looks better in them than I do!  I am anxiously awaiting to see if these will be available in white... I have great plans for these jeans!

On another note, back to my Tory Burch jeans... there is a new style that I am very excited to try... the High Rise Flare Jean!  I saw these last September and immediately fell in love.  They are a very flattering fit (long and lean as opposed to really tight with a big flare) and a perfect investment for the '70's invasion this Spring.  I am loving the pink, but I hope a they are coming out with a dark denim pair as well!

P.S.  The flare jeans are a perfect way to start wearing all of those shorter, fitted cardigans and tee's that you put away because you felt funny wearing them with skinny jeans!
                          - Allison                                                                                

*photos courtesy of jcrew.com & toryburch.com


A Fab Find... perfect for layering!

I am very excited to share with you a new brand that you may or may not have heard of yet... Sooner than later, you will all be wearing one... I guarantee it!  They have all ready been seen on Elizabeth Hasselback on The View, Conan O'Brien and Shaq.  Gwyneth Paltrow even listed them on her GOOP website under holiday gift ideas!  Seriously exciting stuff for two very creative mom's from just outside of Boston.  They have been in business for less than a year... this is amazing!

Do I have your attention yet?  Since I am all about layering right now, I thought that this would be a perfect time to introduce you to Toph Daddy.  Toph Daddy designs supercomfy burn out tee's, thermals and hats that use area codes as art (not just for you... kids & dads too).  They put the area code on the front of the tee and then play with colors, quotes and symbols that are a part of that area code's culture.  For example, the 212 (NYC) tee uses "The City" on the back and the 617 (Boston) tee has "The Big Shamrock" on the back.  Seriously cute and fun!

Not only do the burn out tee's have that awesome "lived in" feel but they also look cute by themselves or layered with a sweater for an unexpected pop of color and wit.  The long sleeve, thermals or baseball tee's would be really cute as a layer when skiing, maybe even to yoga class or over your favorite skinny jeans and fur vest!  Even better, everything is very reasonably priced... it is all under $60!  Now, don't fear if you can't find an area code that you can relate to, they are working on personalizing more area codes as we speak.  But for now, pick your favorite city and enjoy!

There is one more thing that makes Toph Daddy so special... the founders, Becky & Melissa.  Not only have these two been friends for a long time, but they are so clever.  Along with coming up with the area codes, they have created this grass roots culture which really is part of the reason that this brand is so cool.  They work in "the cave" have "garage sales" literally in their own garages, and are always planning a trunk show or some other fun activity up in the Northeast.  Check them out on Facebook... if you send in a picture of yourself on vacay with your favorite area code on, you might be their Rockstar of the week!

                       - Allison

*photos courtesy of tophdaddy.com


The Importance of Layering

I recently got the chance to go skiing for the day without my children.  I was so excited!!!  I love skiing but rarely get a chance to go...  I had a fabulous day (no falls!), and then, of course, apr├Ęs skiing (always something to look forward to)... this is when I start to think about fashion, how can I not?

Skiing is one of the sports that people express themselves through what they are wearing on the mountain.  However, unless you get to ski frequently throughout the winter, or you have a very large disposable income, you are not really able to update your coat and pants every time you hit the slopes.  So, you make do with what you have.  The most important thing is to stay warm, and maybe try to wear the most flattering coat and pants possible, right?  I mean, my coat might be really old, and I did have to get new pants recently, but they aren't anything exciting... as long as I don't look like the abominable snowman, I will be okay!

Really, I would prefer to look cute when I am having my much deserved beer while listening to the band or sitting in front of the fire at the end of the day.  Alright, so how do I look cute, but I don't want to look like I am trying... effortless sporty chic!  Well, it is all in the layers!  So stop worrying about your coat and pants.  Focus in on what you are wearing underneath, and what will look good with your snow pants and a bit of lip gloss.

Ditch the standard turtleneck and heavy wool sweater and go with something more fun.  For starters, why not replace the fleece neck warmer with a little faux fur?  Why not layer a sailor stripe tee over your Under Armour, or find a striped sweater with low bulk and an flattering fit (sorry, I have sailor stripes on the brain!)???  Maybe you go with a v-neck sweater and top with a colorful scarf that makes your eyes pop?  Worried about being too cold?  Pair a fitted fleece jacket (for warmth) over a cute tee and then ditch the fleece when you are ready to hang out.

Really there wouldn't be much cost involved, most of these items are probably already in your closet.  If not, a little investment wouldn't be a loss.  Anyway of the above mentioned items could be worn on or off the mountain... that is what is so great about this!  Don't spend a ridiculous amount of money on the outer shell, worry about the layers beneath.

                 - Allison

*photos courtesy of neimanmarcus.com, macys.com, jcrew.com & echodesign.com


A New Year, a new me... maybe?

It is such a wonderful feeling, the start of a new year!  Armed with a plethora of resolutions and the excitement of a new beginning, I feel like I could conquer the world!  Let's see... I would like to start eating healthy, exercise regularly, be more organized, figure out a schedule that actually works, and, most importantly, I would like to do a better job of wearing everything that is already in my closet instead of always feeling like I have to buy something new!

Hmmm... I am sure that I can do it, but as part of my job, I am shopping continously.  It might be for a client, for my blog or just to see what is new, but it is all of the time!  Then, I thought to myself, all of the clothes right now are resort.  I am not going anywhere this Spring (unfortunately), so why do I need clothes for warm weather.  Seriously, we are in for at least two months of cold, gray, snowy, slushy, wet weather.  Most of the clothes that I would buy right now, I would sit and stare at for the next two months and then everything will go on sale!

However, that is not to say that there aren't going to be great finds... the perfect wear now, wear later piece... who can resist that.  A scarf or a piece of jewelry to brighten up your outfit, or my favorite right now... floral dresses.  Perfect for summer, but also great right now with tights, chunky knits or faux fur... I love!  As an example, I received this fabulous floral Anthropologie dress for Christmas.  On top of that, I scored an even more fabulous faux fur infinity scarf in a white elephant style gift exchange on Christmas eve (I had to steal it from my brother in law!).  Technically, I didn't buy anything but with my two new gifts there are so many possibities.  These are the type of purchases that are really worthwhile... pieces that can be worn over and over again in many different looks.

If you are interested, Anthropologie has a great selection of floral/watercolor dresses, blouses and sweaters - I might be a bit obsessed!  And, there are many faux fur infinity scarves out there, and many are on sale! The one pictured above is a Ccc scarf.  Maybe these aren't quite your style, but either way, make sure that the purchases you do make will go the distance.  Otherwise, it may be better to hold off, especially at this time of the year.

         - Allison

* photos courtesy of anthropologie.com & lorisshoes.com