A New Denim Love

I have been dying to tell you about a new love of mine... a denim love!  The new high-waisted skinny from J.Crew.  They really are amazing!  Lightweight, stretchy, soft... plus the waist.... I have forgotten how nice it is to actually have pants that cover my underwear when I quickly bend down to take care of the kids.

These jeans are perfect to wear with flats, heels or boots and so comfortable that you will feel like you are wearing leggings.  The high waist allows you to wear shorter tops with no worries, but don't tuck anything and wear cowboy boots at the same time... vaguely reminiscent of Footloose.

They actually remind me a lot of the Tory Burch denim, another love of mine!  However, these are a bit easier on the wallet... I definitely recommend taking a look.  And, for those of you who think you are too old to wear these jeans, my mom and I both bought a pair.... she looks better in them than I do!  I am anxiously awaiting to see if these will be available in white... I have great plans for these jeans!

On another note, back to my Tory Burch jeans... there is a new style that I am very excited to try... the High Rise Flare Jean!  I saw these last September and immediately fell in love.  They are a very flattering fit (long and lean as opposed to really tight with a big flare) and a perfect investment for the '70's invasion this Spring.  I am loving the pink, but I hope a they are coming out with a dark denim pair as well!

P.S.  The flare jeans are a perfect way to start wearing all of those shorter, fitted cardigans and tee's that you put away because you felt funny wearing them with skinny jeans!
                          - Allison                                                                                

*photos courtesy of jcrew.com & toryburch.com

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