A Fab Find... perfect for layering!

I am very excited to share with you a new brand that you may or may not have heard of yet... Sooner than later, you will all be wearing one... I guarantee it!  They have all ready been seen on Elizabeth Hasselback on The View, Conan O'Brien and Shaq.  Gwyneth Paltrow even listed them on her GOOP website under holiday gift ideas!  Seriously exciting stuff for two very creative mom's from just outside of Boston.  They have been in business for less than a year... this is amazing!

Do I have your attention yet?  Since I am all about layering right now, I thought that this would be a perfect time to introduce you to Toph Daddy.  Toph Daddy designs supercomfy burn out tee's, thermals and hats that use area codes as art (not just for you... kids & dads too).  They put the area code on the front of the tee and then play with colors, quotes and symbols that are a part of that area code's culture.  For example, the 212 (NYC) tee uses "The City" on the back and the 617 (Boston) tee has "The Big Shamrock" on the back.  Seriously cute and fun!

Not only do the burn out tee's have that awesome "lived in" feel but they also look cute by themselves or layered with a sweater for an unexpected pop of color and wit.  The long sleeve, thermals or baseball tee's would be really cute as a layer when skiing, maybe even to yoga class or over your favorite skinny jeans and fur vest!  Even better, everything is very reasonably priced... it is all under $60!  Now, don't fear if you can't find an area code that you can relate to, they are working on personalizing more area codes as we speak.  But for now, pick your favorite city and enjoy!

There is one more thing that makes Toph Daddy so special... the founders, Becky & Melissa.  Not only have these two been friends for a long time, but they are so clever.  Along with coming up with the area codes, they have created this grass roots culture which really is part of the reason that this brand is so cool.  They work in "the cave" have "garage sales" literally in their own garages, and are always planning a trunk show or some other fun activity up in the Northeast.  Check them out on Facebook... if you send in a picture of yourself on vacay with your favorite area code on, you might be their Rockstar of the week!

                       - Allison

*photos courtesy of tophdaddy.com

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