A Night with Zang

Zang & Me
Saturday night I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for the Hudson County chapter of Dress for Success.  It is a fantastic charity that I wholeheartedly believe in.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, DFS is a non-profit organization that helps to promote the economic independence for disadvantaged women.  They do this by providing professional attire, career development and counseling.  If you find yourself doing a wardrobe edit, check to see if you have a local DFS chapter near you.  They accept clothing, footwear and accessories.  When giving to DFS, you know that your clothes will be in good hands.

Some very lovely ladies at the event!

Trinette Faint of Trinette Faint Productions created a fabulous evening!  Great food, music and wine while looking out on the Manhattan skyline!  What could be better than that... maybe a fashion show by Zang Toi!  How often do you get to view a line from an established designer in an intimate setting... almost never!

Me & Trinette

Having fun at the party!
Zang's clothes were beautiful, as always.  A perfectly tailored suit, an awesome "trench dress" - a long coat with shorts,  a few pink ethereal feeling gowns and I can't forget the beautiful black dress with a very low back that I loved!

Some of the evening's fashion...

Getting dressed up for a good cause sure is fun!!!

                                     - Allison
*Photos courtesy of Lesley Livingstone & Jennifer Reardon/Trineette Faint Productions


Je T'Aime

I love these Jimmy Choo sandals!  They are gorgeous!  I started drooling the moment I saw them, but $995, seriously!  I have a very good feeling that a purchase of this size would not go over very well at home.  So, in their place, I found these sexy Calvin Klein sandals... only $148!

You are probably wondering what my obsession with python print is, right?  Well, it is the perfect warm weather counterpart to the leopard print!  Not that snakeskin is only wearable in the summer and animal in the winter, you can definitely rock both all year round!  It is just that after wearing the calf hair off of both my animal print flats and heels, I think that it is time to give them a rest!  Plus, how fabulous does  the snakeskin look with white, nude or blush tones, even black... This print is more exciting than a nude heel, but still is light enough in color that it doesn't scream notice me first!  Therefore, it will help to elongate the leg.  Plus, I love the caged look and I think that Calvin Klein did a fabulous job of giving the shoe some umph! yet elegant at the same time.  What more could you ask for?

Oh, and I almost forgot, this particular shoe would look hot with shorter length dresses and just as perfect with the new longer lengths (yay!)... and, the maxi obsession continues...

This is a print that everyone should consider investing in... a clutch and belt are also great purchases!

                                    - Allison

*Photos courtesy of nordstrom.com and endless.com.


Just a touch...

Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw!  You always solve all of my problems!

My latest dilemma... I would like a touch of sparkle on my ears to brighten my face.  In the past I have been influenced by the bigger is always better trend.  However, lately when I am wearing a large or multiple necklaces (or even several bracelets), I don' always want to wear my larger genuine cubic zurconia studs.  It is just too much!  What to do???

Notice the earrings...

Once again, as I watching Sex and the City reruns, there was a scene in which Carrie was wearing the tiniest diamond studs.  They were perfect - offering just a touch of sparkle to SJP's face... not distracting at all.  That is exactly what I needed... baby diamond studs (or something along those lines).   

Well, I was finally out shopping (by myself) the other day, and I checked out the genuine cz studs at Nordies.  The smallest size I could find was a 1/4 carat, and I am not sure that they are small enough.  I think the saleswoman thought that I was crazy asking for such small "diamond" studs, but there is always a reason for my random requests!  

Still too big, I think...

So, anyway, I was searching online and found baby diamond studs, and I think that they might just be perfect... I will let you know!

.15 carats... I think we have a winner!

                                           - Allison

*Photos courtesy of modamee.com, nordstrom.com and amazon.com


Spring Awakening

Joy!  It is spring!  The sun is trying to break through the clouds (I see a hint of blue sky) and it is going to be warm (sort of, does 50 degrees count?).  Anyway, I love the first signs of spring... 

I always associate spring with new beginnings.  So, why not try out a trend that I haven't done much with until now... shorts!  However, I don't actually own any cute, dressy shorts - yet.  This is what I would wear if I had it in my closet right now...

And, I would top it off with a belted cargo jacket....

Perfect!  I must go and add this to my closet  - stat!  

                                   - Allison

*Photos courtesy of manywallpapers.com, rottentomatoes.com, decideforyourself.wordpress.com, madewell.com, shopbop.com, jcrew.com


Spring Skiing Inspires...

Well, it seems very fitting that I am writing about my trip to Stowe, VT as the snow falls heavily outside.  I went to Stowe last week thinking that this would be the last time that I saw snow, but I was wrong!  However, since we were on the verge of spring skiing last week, my post today is perfect for this crazy cold one day, warm the next weather we have to endure for the next few weeks.

As I have written about before, I have been out of the skiing loop for several years.  Now that my daughters are old enough to start skiing (yay!!!), I am ready to jump back in, but what do I wear?  I was excited to go to Stowe just to check out the latest in skiing gear and apres ski dressing.

So what did I learn?  As with all clothing, the most important thing is the fit.  It doesn't really matter what color combo you choose, just make sure your jackets and pants are as fitted as they can be.  It is nice that North Face, Spyder, etc have gotten wise to the fact that we don't want to look like giant Michelin men out on the slopes.  It isn't too hard now to find slim fitting ski clothes at any price point.  However, skiing is still expensive.  It is definitely an investment.

The next most important thing for the warmer weather... great looking wellies.  The boot of choice in Stowe at this time of year is the rubber rain boot.  Just like today, you might be walking in snow one minute, rain the next and later there will be lots of mud.

Also, important, a great pair of sunnies.  These are essential as you sit outside enjoying a frosty beverage after a hard day of skiing.  It really depends on your own personal style, but I think the best kind to wear in ski country are something dark and more athletic looking... a great pair of dark metal aviators would be perfect!  But then again, a fabulous pair of black Chanel shades are a classic and will always look good.
To complete your apres ski look, pull your hair back in a pony, add some lipstick, wear some warm leggings underneath your ski pants to wear with your wellies and you will be all set!  

Even if you aren't hitting the slopes any time soon, take these tips and apply to the weather right now!

                                 - Allison
*Photos courtesy of nytimes.com, spyder.com, hunter-boot.com & saksfifthave.com


Discovering Color

Another gray, rainy day... ugh!  It is starting to get to me, my girls and Jake (my golden)...

So, where do I find inspiration now...

I don't know... it just seemed to fit...

Trying to find a bit of color and fun on this dreary day.  This is exactly what I would wear if it were in my closet...

Topped with a trench, of course!

My inspiration for another rainy day.  What is your inspiration?

                                       - Allison

* Photos courtesy of 5orangepotatoes.com, pbase.com, atpeacemedia.com, collisionisimminent.com, justreflectionspaintingaday.com, istockphoto.com, sodahead.com, asos.com, aisledash.com, shopbop.com.


One Pair of Shoes

With all of the emphasis on the return of the Seventies this spring, there has been a lot of talk about flared jeans and sky high platforms.  While I love this look, what about working the new seventies trend into what we already have in our closet?  I am talking about skinny jeans, lightweight dresses and possibly a maxi skirt or dress from a previous season.

Well, the new peasant blouses and tunics are going to look perfect with pair of skinny cropped white or dark jeans or any type of skinny pants.  The flowing dresses and skirts (no matter what the length) are still going to look fantastic, but what shoes shall we wear...

As an example, think of Jackie O.  She always had a timeless look... her closet was full of well-tailored basics.  Then she had different jewelry, a fabulous scarf, a new pair of shoes... something simple to update her look.  She never went overboard with a trend... she always did it just right.

So, in order to be just as chic and understated as Jackie O, I have found just the shoe!  I am in love with these Loeffler Randall shoes.  I love the gladiator styling, the wedge and the gold!  Neutral, not too shiny and comfortable... and, the best part, they would look great with all of the above clothes that we already have in our closet!

Loeffler Randall $325 available at Nordstrom

 The only problem is the price, but fear not, I have found some great less expensive options...

Dolce Vita $150 available at Nordstrom
Sam Edelman $99.95 available at Nordstrom

And if you would prefer something nude with a higher wedge...

Jeffery Campbell $139.95 available at Nordstroms
Via Cardona Wedges $198 available at Anthropolgie

And, if you need a neutral wedge that is a bit different and very cool...

Swooping Asymmetry Wedges $188 available at Anthropologie

Depending on your lifestyle and closet, you should be able to take one pair of wedge sandals and wear them with just about everything.  Add a few new pieces that will work in with what you have, and there you have it... a new look for Spring!

                                     - Allison

*photos courtesy of artnhustle.com, Nicholas Tsikourias/Getty Images, Ron Gallela/Wire Image, nordstroms.com, anthropologie.com