A Night with Zang

Zang & Me
Saturday night I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for the Hudson County chapter of Dress for Success.  It is a fantastic charity that I wholeheartedly believe in.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, DFS is a non-profit organization that helps to promote the economic independence for disadvantaged women.  They do this by providing professional attire, career development and counseling.  If you find yourself doing a wardrobe edit, check to see if you have a local DFS chapter near you.  They accept clothing, footwear and accessories.  When giving to DFS, you know that your clothes will be in good hands.

Some very lovely ladies at the event!

Trinette Faint of Trinette Faint Productions created a fabulous evening!  Great food, music and wine while looking out on the Manhattan skyline!  What could be better than that... maybe a fashion show by Zang Toi!  How often do you get to view a line from an established designer in an intimate setting... almost never!

Me & Trinette

Having fun at the party!
Zang's clothes were beautiful, as always.  A perfectly tailored suit, an awesome "trench dress" - a long coat with shorts,  a few pink ethereal feeling gowns and I can't forget the beautiful black dress with a very low back that I loved!

Some of the evening's fashion...

Getting dressed up for a good cause sure is fun!!!

                                     - Allison
*Photos courtesy of Lesley Livingstone & Jennifer Reardon/Trineette Faint Productions

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