Just a touch...

Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw!  You always solve all of my problems!

My latest dilemma... I would like a touch of sparkle on my ears to brighten my face.  In the past I have been influenced by the bigger is always better trend.  However, lately when I am wearing a large or multiple necklaces (or even several bracelets), I don' always want to wear my larger genuine cubic zurconia studs.  It is just too much!  What to do???

Notice the earrings...

Once again, as I watching Sex and the City reruns, there was a scene in which Carrie was wearing the tiniest diamond studs.  They were perfect - offering just a touch of sparkle to SJP's face... not distracting at all.  That is exactly what I needed... baby diamond studs (or something along those lines).   

Well, I was finally out shopping (by myself) the other day, and I checked out the genuine cz studs at Nordies.  The smallest size I could find was a 1/4 carat, and I am not sure that they are small enough.  I think the saleswoman thought that I was crazy asking for such small "diamond" studs, but there is always a reason for my random requests!  

Still too big, I think...

So, anyway, I was searching online and found baby diamond studs, and I think that they might just be perfect... I will let you know!

.15 carats... I think we have a winner!

                                           - Allison

*Photos courtesy of modamee.com, nordstrom.com and amazon.com

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    I love it so much that I read this far into your old posts! Hope that's not creepy...