One Pair of Shoes

With all of the emphasis on the return of the Seventies this spring, there has been a lot of talk about flared jeans and sky high platforms.  While I love this look, what about working the new seventies trend into what we already have in our closet?  I am talking about skinny jeans, lightweight dresses and possibly a maxi skirt or dress from a previous season.

Well, the new peasant blouses and tunics are going to look perfect with pair of skinny cropped white or dark jeans or any type of skinny pants.  The flowing dresses and skirts (no matter what the length) are still going to look fantastic, but what shoes shall we wear...

As an example, think of Jackie O.  She always had a timeless look... her closet was full of well-tailored basics.  Then she had different jewelry, a fabulous scarf, a new pair of shoes... something simple to update her look.  She never went overboard with a trend... she always did it just right.

So, in order to be just as chic and understated as Jackie O, I have found just the shoe!  I am in love with these Loeffler Randall shoes.  I love the gladiator styling, the wedge and the gold!  Neutral, not too shiny and comfortable... and, the best part, they would look great with all of the above clothes that we already have in our closet!

Loeffler Randall $325 available at Nordstrom

 The only problem is the price, but fear not, I have found some great less expensive options...

Dolce Vita $150 available at Nordstrom
Sam Edelman $99.95 available at Nordstrom

And if you would prefer something nude with a higher wedge...

Jeffery Campbell $139.95 available at Nordstroms
Via Cardona Wedges $198 available at Anthropolgie

And, if you need a neutral wedge that is a bit different and very cool...

Swooping Asymmetry Wedges $188 available at Anthropologie

Depending on your lifestyle and closet, you should be able to take one pair of wedge sandals and wear them with just about everything.  Add a few new pieces that will work in with what you have, and there you have it... a new look for Spring!

                                     - Allison

*photos courtesy of artnhustle.com, Nicholas Tsikourias/Getty Images, Ron Gallela/Wire Image, nordstroms.com, anthropologie.com

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