Spring Awakening

Joy!  It is spring!  The sun is trying to break through the clouds (I see a hint of blue sky) and it is going to be warm (sort of, does 50 degrees count?).  Anyway, I love the first signs of spring... 

I always associate spring with new beginnings.  So, why not try out a trend that I haven't done much with until now... shorts!  However, I don't actually own any cute, dressy shorts - yet.  This is what I would wear if I had it in my closet right now...

And, I would top it off with a belted cargo jacket....

Perfect!  I must go and add this to my closet  - stat!  

                                   - Allison

*Photos courtesy of manywallpapers.com, rottentomatoes.com, decideforyourself.wordpress.com, madewell.com, shopbop.com, jcrew.com

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