Outfit Idea: The Pleated Mini (& what not to wear!)

I have to preface my post with a bit of a rant.  Generally speaking it is not hard to dress well when you have a lot of money.  Besides the fact that more expensive clothing means you are able to buy pieces that are made with better fabric, constructed better and fit better than your average pieces from Old Navy or Target.  You also have the ability to hire a stylist or use a store's personal shopping service.  However, I believe that some women suffer from a disease (just as people who think they can sing, but sound horrendous) in which they believe they have very good taste.  This disease usually goes hand-in-hand with not knowing when enough is enough, and being obsessed with the perceived status of specific labels.

I believe the Kardashian sisters all suffer from some form of this disease.  Sometimes they look great, but most of the time I feel as though they are not dressing for their body type, they should have looked in the mirror before they left and taken something off, or they think they look like hot stuff... think being the key word.

A few things that come to mind when thinking about the Kardashian sisters...

           - You are not cool because you own a birkin bag in every color.  Variety is a good thing.
           - A red sole does not necessarily mean that shoe should be purchased.  Designers make mistakes       
             too.  And, once again, variety is a good thing.
           - When wearing animal print - one piece in a print is usually enough.  No need to wear it head-to-toe.

With all of this in mind, I was scrolling through Fluent News yesterday when this picture of Kim Kardashian made me gulp in horror...  Kim on Easter Sunday heading into church.

I know that everyone is different.  The fact that we all have different styles is what makes fashion so interesting.  With that being said, I believe this outfit should not to be worn again.  First, it is not flattering.  Kim K is a curvy girl.  She should be wearing pieces that accentuate her curves, balance her out and not add bulk.  The pleated mini skirt is not working in her favor.  It is adding bulk to her hips and that is what immediately draws your eye.  Either she needs to add inches to the skirt (and probably lose the pleats) or choose a jacket and/or top that helps to keep your eye from going straight to the skirt and her hips.  

Some ideas for a pleated mini skirt such as Kim K's...

A dressier look -

This Robert Rodriguez Print Top would be a beautiful complement to an ivory skirt.

This long and lean Ludlow Jacket is the perfect topper to help slim the silhouette.  The cut would allow some of the fullness of the skirt to be camouflaged and your eye would not travel straight to the hips.

The Sam Edelman Tacoma Pump is the perfect pump for this look.  A platform to help balance things out, while the neutral snake print adds interest and will help lengthen the leg.

A daytime look - 

This J. Crew Citron Sequin Tank would be very fun with a pleated mini.  

An anorak - a must have this spring - is a great way to make sequins appropriate for daytime.  I am in love with the Burberry Brit Anorak.

These Tory Burch Fleur High Heel Sandals are a great staple for summer.  These are a great way to balance the sequins and the sporty anorak.  For a more casual look, a cute pair of sneakers would be great!

A weekend look - 

I love this Cashmere Boatneck Multistripe Sweater from J. Crew.

For some fun I would add a denim vest or jacket, such as J. Crew's Denim Vest...

While Madewell's Streetside Sandal would be my shoe of choice...

                                          - Allison

*Photos courtesy of usmagazine.com, aceshowbiz.com, nordstrom.com, jcrew.com, toryburch.com & madewell.com.

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