Outfit Idea: Mixing Textures

Sunny, 60 degree weather is wonderful and very refreshing.  I absolutely love spending time outside whether it is at the playground, driving with the windows down (reliving high school days when I could drive aimlessly for hours listening to my mixes - on cassette tapes!) or attempting to garden.  The only thing holding me back from completely enjoying these days is my inability to strike a balance between overdressing (i.e. wearing my puffy coat) and underdressing (i.e. wearing flipflops and a dress).

Yes, I could wear skinny jeans, ballet flats, a sweater and a light jacket of sorts.  Within a week, though, I tend to develop a blasé attitude towards my "go to" ensemble.  You know the feeling you get at about the 7th month of pregnancy... when you are so tired of wearing the same thing everyday!  My golden rule is that I must mix things up at least a 2-3 times per week in order to keep my sanity. 

I had the perfect opportunity to experiment over the weekend.  I was headed out to run errands for Easter (at the last minute, of course!) by myself.  No girls, just me, my iPod and a beautiful day.  Naturally I felt like getting dressed up more than I usually do.  I headed straight for my skirts and couldn't find a thing to wear.  Some things were to summery, others to wintery, or I didn't have the right shoes to pull off the outfit that I wanted to wear... ugh!

Then it dawned on me like a flash of lightning... mixing textures would be the perfect solution.  I grabbed a crocheted lace skirt from Club Monaco - a birthday present from my hubby!

Beckett Lace Skirt

I topped the skirt with a white ribbed tank and my angora blend sweatshirt style sweater (Club Monaco).

My really old and comfy riding boots were my footwear of choice for a day of running around.

I love my trusty Coach satchel... you can wear it cross-body.  A perfect hands-free bag.

And, voilà!  I was ready to hit the stores.  Comfy, cute and a little different...

                                                                                                                          - Allison

*Photo courtesy of clubmonaco.com.

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