Fab Find: Perfect to a T

I love waking up on Thursday with the realization that the weekend is near.  The thought of not having to jump out of bed to begin the weekday race is so thrilling that I instantly get an adrenaline rush to help kickstart my day.  Eventually, reality sets in and quickly yanks me right out of my daydream.  I may not have to get the kids to school, myself to appointments, worry about dinner, etc.  Rather a new race begins - trying to fit in early morning exercise, sporting events, birthday parties, random errands, giving the dog a bath... you name it.  Let's just say the weekends aren't quite what they used to be...

However, there is one thing that can always make me feel better - a fab find!  It is hard to resist a great item that will up your chicness without breaking the bank.  An added bonus - it will help your weekend go a bit more smoothly.  Curious???

What about a cute dress that you can throw on Saturday morning with a pair of flats or sandals?  Better yet, the dress is very affordable.  Gap's new T-inspired line of dresses is just that... stylish pieces that are easy, comfy and all under $75. Take your pick... I would like them all!


Happy Shopping!

                                                                                                                                - Allison
*Photos courtesy of gap.com.

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