Decoding Minnie...

I am sure that most of you out there have heard of J.Crew's Minnie pant, right?  It seems to be one of their best selling items this Fall.  So much so, that they have introduced many different styles and fabrications... The question being... is the Minnie pant right for you?  If so, which one do you choose?  I actually just faced this challenge while trying to put together my outfit for the Tory Burch show, and these are my recommendations....

First, let's break down the options...

1.  The bi-stretch wool, the check, the glen plaid & the Italian wool all fall into the same category.  The fit is skinny.  In other words, they fit like a glove!  They are great pants for a girl with a great figure, the fashion risk taker, or if you want a skinny pant to wear with longer, tunic length tops, etc.

2.  The woolen twill, herringbone & the donegal tweed fall into the second category.  Slim, but not clingy.  These pants are great if you are curvy or are bigger on top... help to balance you out a bit.  These are also great pants if you would prefer to wear shorter, hip length tops or blouses tucked in, etc.

3.  The super 120s cropped trouser is not a minnie pant, but a straighter leg cropped trouser.  This is for the lady who does not feel comfortable in a "skinny" pant, but likes the look of the cropped pant (also another great option for curvy girls).  These pants are to be worn with tops tucked in or hip length belted shirts and sweaters.  Don't pair these with something too long or voluminous!

Besides being really cute, the Minnie is very versatile.  It can be worn just about all year round (they look just as good with tanks as they do with cashmere), and you can wear them to run errands, to work or to dinner (just change your shoes... flats, oxfords, pumps, booties... take your pick)!

Go ahead... assess your body shape and style, then click here to take a look at all of the Minnie's mentioned above!

                          - Allison

*all photos courtesy of jcrew.com



Things I learned at Fashion Week...

As a stylist, I live for Fashion Week!  As a mother of two small girls, I dread (just a bit) all of the plans that must be made in order to be able to attend Fashion Week.  I am sure many of you mothers can relate... coordinating childcare, car pooling, car seats, etc... seriously exhausting!  But in the end, all of the stress is worth it because there is no place that I would rather be than Fashion Week!

Just as an example... one morning I am changing diapers, brushing teeth, dealing with my daughter's outbursts because she doesn't want to wear a specific dress & sweater combo, racing to get them to preschool on time, and then... magically... a bit later I am standing outside at Lincoln Center... ahhhh, Heaven!

On this specific day, Anna Wintour brushed right by me... amazing!  Then, Rachel Zoe & her hubby, Rodge, raced by me to get to the Michael Kors show on time... I die!  Besides getting to witness beautiful clothes firsthand, these little moments make all of the stress worthwhile.  However, there always seem to be a few bumps in the road on the way to these magical moments... which leads to some things I learned while attending Fashion Week.  I guarantee that these will apply to your everyday activities as well...

1.  Do not drive your mommy mobile into the city with a car top carrier!!!  Very important!  Apparently all parking garages have a clearance of about 6'3", and believe me, that is not going to cut it!

2.  I know you want to wear heels, but if you are running around, make sure that they are wedges!  I almost twisted my ankle twice while trying to take pictures and notes, you think I would learn by now.  And, can you imagine how embarrassing that would be to do that in front of Anna Wintour???

3.  I must remember to carry my Hermès bag next time, what was I thinking???  But seriously, if I had one, I would.  More importantly use a bag with a cross-body strap when you are actively working with your hands.  It is way too awkward to juggle a handbag, take pictures & notes... I am sure you already knew that.  

4.  Always remember a lint brush and baby wipes!  You never know when you are going to find slobber or snot on your black pants, your new blouse or sweater... they always get you when you least expect it!

Hopefully these are some helpful tips... just some things I learned last week!

         - Allison


Tory Burch Spring 2011

I had the honor of attending Tory Burch's Spring 2011 presentation at Fashion Week!  (Yes, it took me a while to post this... I do have kids that have kept me very busy lately, but that does not take away from how exciting and fun this event was!)  And, what a fabulous presentation it was... the clothes were hot, the music was pumping and I got to stand next to Tory Burch & Anna Wintour (briefly)!

Let's begin with the clothes... a definite '70's vibe mixed with a bit of prep and a dash of surfer cool.  The looks included flares, a couple of maxi dresses, flowing skirts that fell below the knee, a baja paired with glittery gold pants and, of course, the beloved trench.

The colors were invigorating!  It was a fresh grouping of navy, a very rich yellow, a beautiful tangerine, khaki, a beautiful blush, as well gold (we must have a metallic!)... the colors are the usual Spring fair, but the color combinations as well the prints keep everything looking new.

The accessories had a new & fresh vibe as well.  Large gold hoops were worn by just about every model.  The other option were large earrings or a statement necklace (which is a look I love, I am happy it is sticking around).  The shoes were high... platforms, stacked heel, thin heels, wedges as well as some great flat sandals!  Nudes & metallics are still popular footwear choices as well as a navy heel!  The handbags were all over the board... large woven bags, small leather bags as well as larger, colorful bags.  The bags were structured, but also fun.

The hair was very simple & polished as was the makeup.  Low ponytails with a bit of teasing at the crown was the hairstyle of choice, but overall the hair was simple and straight.  The makeup was dewy and very natural looking.  A pink lip and a little blush helped the girls to look fresh-faced and springy... a perfect complement to the clothing!

I am in love with the collection!  It was so fresh with a retro edge (I also love the '70's... so I was in heaven!)... I think that there were many investment worthy pieces.  Definitely keep an eye out for these pieces to start hitting the stores after the holidays... Tory definitely did not disappoint!!!

                         - Allison


A very special offer...

One of my favorite jewelry & handbag lines - Gorjana - is having a private sample sale at gorjana.com!  The best part is that it starts tomorrow... Thursday, September 2nd... and guess what, you are all invited!!!

There are going to be over 30 styles including jewelry, the famous leather wrap and a few handbags... up to 65% off!  I highly recommend that everyone take a look... just click here... gorjana.com/PrivateSale to check it out!

And, if you love Gorjana as much as I do, check out their Facebook page for great updates, new product information, etc.  It will be totally worth it!

Headed Outdoors...

I should have written about this earlier this summer, but of course, I didn’t really think about it until I went to the Barclays on Friday, and again on Sunday (so hot!).  So just tuck this tidbit away until needed again! 
If you are headed outdoors to a casual event, your best bet is a lightweight dress or skirt.  On a hot day, wearing a less restrictive clothing is much more cool & comfortable!  Pair it with a some cute (flat) sandals or thongs (can always get a great looking supportive pair instead of sneakers) and a cross-body bag... you will look very chic amidst all of the hot, sweaty people who should have listened to me!

Now, if this is not your style, another great option is a pair of lightweight shorts (a crisp cotton or linen blend) and a cute tank or t.  Once again pair with flat sandals or a pair of cute ballet flat style sneakers.  Remember, loose clothing is much more comfortable & flattering than something tight on a hot day.
                      - Allison
*If you have cooler weather, definitely go with a classic look such as the white pants and black shirt... it always looks good!