Decoding Minnie...

I am sure that most of you out there have heard of J.Crew's Minnie pant, right?  It seems to be one of their best selling items this Fall.  So much so, that they have introduced many different styles and fabrications... The question being... is the Minnie pant right for you?  If so, which one do you choose?  I actually just faced this challenge while trying to put together my outfit for the Tory Burch show, and these are my recommendations....

First, let's break down the options...

1.  The bi-stretch wool, the check, the glen plaid & the Italian wool all fall into the same category.  The fit is skinny.  In other words, they fit like a glove!  They are great pants for a girl with a great figure, the fashion risk taker, or if you want a skinny pant to wear with longer, tunic length tops, etc.

2.  The woolen twill, herringbone & the donegal tweed fall into the second category.  Slim, but not clingy.  These pants are great if you are curvy or are bigger on top... help to balance you out a bit.  These are also great pants if you would prefer to wear shorter, hip length tops or blouses tucked in, etc.

3.  The super 120s cropped trouser is not a minnie pant, but a straighter leg cropped trouser.  This is for the lady who does not feel comfortable in a "skinny" pant, but likes the look of the cropped pant (also another great option for curvy girls).  These pants are to be worn with tops tucked in or hip length belted shirts and sweaters.  Don't pair these with something too long or voluminous!

Besides being really cute, the Minnie is very versatile.  It can be worn just about all year round (they look just as good with tanks as they do with cashmere), and you can wear them to run errands, to work or to dinner (just change your shoes... flats, oxfords, pumps, booties... take your pick)!

Go ahead... assess your body shape and style, then click here to take a look at all of the Minnie's mentioned above!

                          - Allison

*all photos courtesy of jcrew.com


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  1. Allison thanks for explaining the fit!! I will be getting my #2's for work very soon!