Headed Outdoors...

I should have written about this earlier this summer, but of course, I didn’t really think about it until I went to the Barclays on Friday, and again on Sunday (so hot!).  So just tuck this tidbit away until needed again! 
If you are headed outdoors to a casual event, your best bet is a lightweight dress or skirt.  On a hot day, wearing a less restrictive clothing is much more cool & comfortable!  Pair it with a some cute (flat) sandals or thongs (can always get a great looking supportive pair instead of sneakers) and a cross-body bag... you will look very chic amidst all of the hot, sweaty people who should have listened to me!

Now, if this is not your style, another great option is a pair of lightweight shorts (a crisp cotton or linen blend) and a cute tank or t.  Once again pair with flat sandals or a pair of cute ballet flat style sneakers.  Remember, loose clothing is much more comfortable & flattering than something tight on a hot day.
                      - Allison
*If you have cooler weather, definitely go with a classic look such as the white pants and black shirt... it always looks good!

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