Footwear Fun on a Snowy Day

Alright, I had to post this after seeing a Zoe Report about the new Sorel boots.  It was three years ago when I purchased my first pair.  You know the ones... a duck boot bottom with fur at the top.  I was sold on their ads... the girl dressed up in sequins, etc with a pair of the Joan of Artic boots.  It is the perfect mix unexpectedness that I love!  I am not going to lie, any ad campaign that features a woman in some sort of long and flowing dress with boots (i.e. Frye, Sorel, and those Qoddy boots are next on my list), I am completely sold on... I am such a sucker.

Back to my point... it really is amazing how stylish snow boots have become.  I would have to say that the majority of these styles are not really going to do very well in the dirty, slushy conditions, but is nice to have some fun with your footwear on cold and snowy days. Sorel has really stepped up with a lot of fab styles.  There is something for everyone on their website... you have to check it out.        

My personal favorite is the Crazy Cable Wedge.  I feel like I should jump right into one of the eighties dance movies... I would be so cool!  Or, maybe I will have some fun (and feel tall) après skiing.

I also like the Fernie tall boot.  It is almost like an updated Ugg... perfect for a cold day when you need something basic... but still cute.

For the traditionalist or the no frills kind of gal, the Caribou is perfect.

For those Lisa Vanderpump's out there, we have the Wild Wooly Wedge...

Before deciding on a pair of snowboots this season, make sure to check out Sorel.  There really is something for everyone.

                                                                                                               - Allison

*Photos courtesy of sorel.com.


The Swan - a new classic?!

You may or may not be aware that I am a huge Twilight fan.  I admit it, I fell hard for the Bella/Edward/Jacob love story and have read Breaking Dawn twice (yes, I am a dork!).  To say that I am excited to see the book played out on the big screen might just be the understatement of the year!

As far as fashion goes, the Twilight movies have never been much to talk about... Bella is not interested in fashion at all, and Alice "the fashionable one" never really appears to be all that chic (and is always wearing some sort of strange choker necklace).  It was to my delight (and every other fashion loving twihard) that Breaking Dawn is putting a bit more importance on fashion. It was just announced this summer that Carolina Herrera designed what is destined to be a very famous wedding dress (Kate who???).  And, none other than Manolo Blahnik created the wedding shoe.

Amazingly enough, the dress has not been photographed or leaked (as far as I know).  The only images available are those from the trailer, and they are such a tease!  The anticipation is killing me.  The only information that I have gathered is that it took 6 months to design, and Herrera took into consideration the description in the book as well as the personality of the bride... hmmm.

However, every cloud has a silver lining... the shoe, otherwise known as the "Swan", can be yours today!  The Swan is part of Blahnik's Resort 2012 collection.  It is a satin stiletto with a gorgeous crystal-beaded vine appliqué available in a white, cranberry or black.  The NMdaily posed the question- "Could this be the next Something Blue (aka the Carrie Bradshaw shoe)?"  My thought is... if a blue Swan shoe is made, I am sold!

                                            - Allison
*Photos courtesy of twilightsaga.com and neimanmarcus.com.


Party Perfect Obsessions

On this very dreary day (i.e. cold & rainy), I have not wanted to do anything except stay warm and cozy while avoiding any and all household related matters.  Procrastination led me to start daydreaming about a super cool ensemble that I would wear to a very chic holiday party that I have not been invited to quite yet...  and the rest is history.

My look would start with this gorgeous Halston Heritage faux fur jacket... can you say yummy?!  

I have decided that I must own this Rory Beca romper... so cool yet basic... a great piece to play with.

Oh, and these Stella McCartney teal velvet pumps are to die for!

I must not forget these Nicole Romano oversized stud earrings... the perfect blend classic and edgy.

This Cornelia Webb folded cuff is perfect.  Adds some interest, but won't steal the show.

Alexis Bittar's white quartz ring is the perfect finishing touch!

Now that I have my outfit, I just need a party... or some fab event would work too.  Any suggestions?!

                                  - Allison

*Photos courtesy of shopbop.com, neimanmarcus.com, maxandchloe.com, intermixonline.com.


Looking like a Lady

Trying to decipher all of the fall trends can be exhausting.  And, after we spend months pouring over the trends, the real kicker is that these fashion trends don't dictate how to dress any longer.  At least not in the sense of several decades ago when skirt lengths, pant styles, etc were mandated by the designers.   Now it is more about inspiration, personal style and what works best for your body.  

As far as inspiration goes, if there is one trend this season to pay attention to, it is Ensemble Dressing.  It can also be referred to as Lady Chic or any other ladylike adjectives... I think you get the idea.  And, if you are wondering, this does not mean that you are to dress as if you are right out of the 1950's.  Although, Ken did mention that if you could walk in your pencil skirt, it wasn't tight enough!  

This trend is really about looking put together.  It is about paying attention to all of the details of your outfit... making sure your outfit looks thought out versus thrown on in a mad dash because you are late for work.  You might say that this means you should pay attention to what coat you are wearing with a particular dress, or make sure that your shoes and handbags complement each other in style (they do not have to match, but it is okay if they do).

Below are some pictures from the Ken Downing fashion show at Neiman's that I attended back in October.  These demonstrate the art of Ensemble Dressing.  Just note, there are many different styles below with one thing in common... they all look like finished outfits, and that is the key!

Bright colors, scuba inspired with a pop of yellow (going to be a big color this spring)

Patterns are a great way to add some excitement to neutrals.

Zebra prints are a great way to add interest.  Also note the pattern and texture play... a chic combo.

1920's inspired Chanel... note the drop waist... another big trend this spring.

Once again playing with texture... perfect for mixing neutrals.

 A previous show at Neiman's illustrating the same Lady Chic art of dressing.  I love the hat as a perfect finishing touch.

Once again, Chanel, always gorgeous.  However, easily replicated at lower price points.

Handbags, fur stoles, hats... my favorite part!

                                   - Allison


Killer Deal... One Skirt, Many Looks

Amidst all of the craziness around here... freak snowstorms, falling trees, power outages, 70 degree weather, etc, I just discovered that one of my most favorite skirts for fall has been marked down... again!  This skirt is amazing!  It is so amazing that I just might have to order the ivory for the fabulous price of $89.99!

The skirt I am speaking of is from Madewell.  It is the Alexa Chung Grandma Skirt.  A change in the name might have helped it sell better originally, but I am not going to complain.  It is a silk maxi skirt (ankle length or shorter depending on your height).  It is high-waisted, cut on the bias, slim through the hips and thigh area with a flare towards the knee... completely gorgeous and flattering.  The reason that I am so enamored with this skirt (besides that it makes me feel pretty) is the versatility.

I originally bought the black.  I have worn it to a large tailgate/steeplechase otherwise known as The Hunt, to run errands, out to dinner and around the house.  I love wearing it with my fur vest and cowboy booties just as much as I do with "dressy" booties and sequins.  I am also looking forward to wearing it with fairisle and some sort of snow boot in the coming months.  When I find a good wedge bootie, this will be the perfect skirt to pair with it as well.

I know that I have become quite the "maxi pusher", but I can't help myself.  I love the drama of the longer lengths.  I recently read an interview in which my fave, Rachel Zoe, was talking about the maxi.  She said to think of it as you would jeans or pants... just switch your old stand-bys and slip in the dress or skirt.  It looks great with chunky knits or tee's.  Really you can't go wrong.

Happy Shopping!

                                  - Allison