Footwear Fun on a Snowy Day

Alright, I had to post this after seeing a Zoe Report about the new Sorel boots.  It was three years ago when I purchased my first pair.  You know the ones... a duck boot bottom with fur at the top.  I was sold on their ads... the girl dressed up in sequins, etc with a pair of the Joan of Artic boots.  It is the perfect mix unexpectedness that I love!  I am not going to lie, any ad campaign that features a woman in some sort of long and flowing dress with boots (i.e. Frye, Sorel, and those Qoddy boots are next on my list), I am completely sold on... I am such a sucker.

Back to my point... it really is amazing how stylish snow boots have become.  I would have to say that the majority of these styles are not really going to do very well in the dirty, slushy conditions, but is nice to have some fun with your footwear on cold and snowy days. Sorel has really stepped up with a lot of fab styles.  There is something for everyone on their website... you have to check it out.        

My personal favorite is the Crazy Cable Wedge.  I feel like I should jump right into one of the eighties dance movies... I would be so cool!  Or, maybe I will have some fun (and feel tall) après skiing.

I also like the Fernie tall boot.  It is almost like an updated Ugg... perfect for a cold day when you need something basic... but still cute.

For the traditionalist or the no frills kind of gal, the Caribou is perfect.

For those Lisa Vanderpump's out there, we have the Wild Wooly Wedge...

Before deciding on a pair of snowboots this season, make sure to check out Sorel.  There really is something for everyone.

                                                                                                               - Allison

*Photos courtesy of sorel.com.

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