Killer Deal... One Skirt, Many Looks

Amidst all of the craziness around here... freak snowstorms, falling trees, power outages, 70 degree weather, etc, I just discovered that one of my most favorite skirts for fall has been marked down... again!  This skirt is amazing!  It is so amazing that I just might have to order the ivory for the fabulous price of $89.99!

The skirt I am speaking of is from Madewell.  It is the Alexa Chung Grandma Skirt.  A change in the name might have helped it sell better originally, but I am not going to complain.  It is a silk maxi skirt (ankle length or shorter depending on your height).  It is high-waisted, cut on the bias, slim through the hips and thigh area with a flare towards the knee... completely gorgeous and flattering.  The reason that I am so enamored with this skirt (besides that it makes me feel pretty) is the versatility.

I originally bought the black.  I have worn it to a large tailgate/steeplechase otherwise known as The Hunt, to run errands, out to dinner and around the house.  I love wearing it with my fur vest and cowboy booties just as much as I do with "dressy" booties and sequins.  I am also looking forward to wearing it with fairisle and some sort of snow boot in the coming months.  When I find a good wedge bootie, this will be the perfect skirt to pair with it as well.

I know that I have become quite the "maxi pusher", but I can't help myself.  I love the drama of the longer lengths.  I recently read an interview in which my fave, Rachel Zoe, was talking about the maxi.  She said to think of it as you would jeans or pants... just switch your old stand-bys and slip in the dress or skirt.  It looks great with chunky knits or tee's.  Really you can't go wrong.

Happy Shopping!

                                  - Allison

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