Looking like a Lady

Trying to decipher all of the fall trends can be exhausting.  And, after we spend months pouring over the trends, the real kicker is that these fashion trends don't dictate how to dress any longer.  At least not in the sense of several decades ago when skirt lengths, pant styles, etc were mandated by the designers.   Now it is more about inspiration, personal style and what works best for your body.  

As far as inspiration goes, if there is one trend this season to pay attention to, it is Ensemble Dressing.  It can also be referred to as Lady Chic or any other ladylike adjectives... I think you get the idea.  And, if you are wondering, this does not mean that you are to dress as if you are right out of the 1950's.  Although, Ken did mention that if you could walk in your pencil skirt, it wasn't tight enough!  

This trend is really about looking put together.  It is about paying attention to all of the details of your outfit... making sure your outfit looks thought out versus thrown on in a mad dash because you are late for work.  You might say that this means you should pay attention to what coat you are wearing with a particular dress, or make sure that your shoes and handbags complement each other in style (they do not have to match, but it is okay if they do).

Below are some pictures from the Ken Downing fashion show at Neiman's that I attended back in October.  These demonstrate the art of Ensemble Dressing.  Just note, there are many different styles below with one thing in common... they all look like finished outfits, and that is the key!

Bright colors, scuba inspired with a pop of yellow (going to be a big color this spring)

Patterns are a great way to add some excitement to neutrals.

Zebra prints are a great way to add interest.  Also note the pattern and texture play... a chic combo.

1920's inspired Chanel... note the drop waist... another big trend this spring.

Once again playing with texture... perfect for mixing neutrals.

 A previous show at Neiman's illustrating the same Lady Chic art of dressing.  I love the hat as a perfect finishing touch.

Once again, Chanel, always gorgeous.  However, easily replicated at lower price points.

Handbags, fur stoles, hats... my favorite part!

                                   - Allison

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