Transition with Style

Well, it is that time of the year again.  We are nearing the end of summer (vacation, that is), I am tired of it being too hot to wear anything other than a swimsuit, and I am currently drooling over all of the new fall clothes.  What is a girl to do?

Most importantly, I keep telling myself not to buy any fall clothes... yet.  Instead, focus on all of the amazing sales right now.  And, if I am going to buy anything new, it must be transitional.  I know that you are probably sick of hearing about transition pieces, but it is true.  If you are going to spend any money on clothes right now, it should be for something that you are going to wear for more than a month or two.

What should you buy?  A midi length skirt or cami style midi dress.  With the there being so much emphasis on the 1930's style of dressing this fall, plus the 1970's influence still out there, these two styles are perfect for wearing now and later.  If you are a little hesitant, just think about it for a minute...  a fluid skirt that hits just below the knee screams elegance, and there is something sexy and comfortable about a silk (or silkish) dress that doesn't show off too much leg.  Plus, the layering options are endless.  This could be a purchase that you wear all year!

This style skirt or dress can be worn to work, to dinner, out on the town or even running errands.  You could wear the skirt with a tank, blouse sweater or jacket.  The dress can be worn with basically the same items.  The best part is that you can wear it tomorrow in 90 degree weather with wedges or in 40 degree weather with your most fabulous faux fur and booties.  I believe that I have found the most versatile transitional pieces this season, seriously!

If you are not quite sure what I am going on and on about, I have several examples below.  Anthropologie couldn't be a more perfect store for this look.  Yumi Kim and Tucker by Gaby Basora are also good choices, but a bit pricier.  Zara, Topshop, and Asos are fabulous sites for finding the contemporary styles at reasonable prices.

                                             - Allison

*Photos courtesy of anthropologie.com & yumikim.com


Resourcefulness... creativity at it's best

After anxiously waiting in anticipation and excitement for the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe selections for her North American tour, I was quite impressed with Princess Kate's choices.  Not to say that I was blown away (although there were a few that were fabulous) but very happy that she has remained true to her style.  As seen in the Kate Middleton Look Book (courtesy of The Cut), KM's style has always been elegant, classic, understated and fairly safe but very flattering.  She is the perfect style icon for all of us commoners who go to work, take care of kids, attend various events from time to time and are on some sort of a clothing budget (in other words, a perfect style icon for "real life").

As I always tell my clients, you must first invest in the basics... the foundation of your wardrobe.  Once you have the groundwork established, you can start to add the fun exciting fashion pieces.  If you just go for the fluff without any any structure behind it, what will you have to work with?  And, if you wonder why you are always buying, buying, buying and have nothing to wear, take a look at your basics (or probably lack there of).

Okay, so my point is that KM can teach us all a thing or two about how important basics truly are to any girl's closet (with the exception of celebrities, socialites, etc).  First, her "go to" navy Smythe blazer.  Worn several different times while traveling and in Canada.  Wear it with dresses (business appropriate, fun & floaty or maxis), jeans, skirts or shorts.  Layer it with different tops depending on the event... stripes, lace, sequins or your basic shirt.  I found it very irritating that she was criticized for re-wearing it on her trip.  Is that not the point of packing smart (although she did have 40 outfits), and down to earth?  Did you know that blazer sold out within several days of it's first appearance on KM?

Then we have the J. Brand skinny jeans that KM wore consistently throughout Canada.  Is that not what you are supposed to do with jeans?  You have your favorite skinny pair, your wide leg pair, the pair for heels and, of course, a pair for flats.  Once again she was criticized for wearing them too much.  Seriously, she wore them when it was appropriate to wear pants.  She is 29.  Skinny jeans are a perfect choice.  More importantly, that is her style.

I must also mention her L.K. Bennett nude pumps.  Although it would have fun to have a new shoe for every outfit, she once again used her "go to" shoes.  And, she always looked polished and put together. KM has done more for nude pumps than any other celebrity out there.  If you don't own a pair yet, it is time to invest.  Nude pumps are a must have for any girl.  When in doubt of which shoe to wear, always go with the nude (plus they make your legs look great!).

These are just a few examples of KM's timeless style.  There is much to be learned from how she mix & matches her wardrobe.  The resourcefulness that she uses is great to see.  It is what we all have to do on a day-to-day basis.  And, that is where the true creativity lies.  Anyone can go out and buy new pieces and look great, but to put together your existing wardrobe in new ways... that is where true cleverness and imagination come into play.  All the makings of a style icon.

                                      - Allison
*Photos courtesy of nymag.com.