For the Love of Dance

Once again I am writing from Mimi's Closet... today it is all about my obsession with all things ballet.  Well, my obsession is really more about the clothes (it always is) and the way the dancers dress during rehearsals.  I absolutely love the the way the dancers layer effortlessly and just look so cool.  Whether it is leg warmers, tutu's, chiffon skirts, ballet sweaters, etc... they always make me want to go to the nearest dance store to stock up on layers.  

Eventually, I start to think about how I can translate this obsession into something that I could wear out in public and not look like I just left the dance studio.  And, after watching one of my all time fave dance movies last night (the award winning Center Stage), I must dress like a dancer today!  So, being on my "vacay" in Ohio, I only have so much to work with...

- lightweight/airy dress... check
- sheer layers... check
- tights... check
- knee socks (closest thing to leg warmers)... check
- boots... check
- faux fur (left my vest at home, so it is a scarf today)... check

Here we go... (by the way, I am not posting any more pics of myself until I can take better pictures... I need a tripod and a good model pout!)

The best part of ballet inspired looks is that they never go out of style.  Every season, especially in the Spring, you can always find designers who have once again used this art as an inspiration.  This season, several of the designers who have created beautiful looks out of layered lightweight and sheer fabrics are Alberta Ferretti, J. Mendel,  Chloe and Christian Cota...  

I absolutely love these looks!  So feminine and romantic... sigh...

                       - Allison

* Photos are stills from Center Stage and Black Swan.  The other ballet photos are courtesy of Kyle Froman photography, dreamstime.com, enonava.de and style.com.


NY's Most Stylish

This is a cool piece to check out at Stylecaster.  New York's 50 Most Stylish...  maybe I will make the list some day...    Oh, I forgot!  I live in Jersey.

Anway, I really like the photographs in this piece...

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Day to Night

What happens when you are sort of on vacation (a visit with my mom equals a mini-vacation... she lets me take naps and gets up with the girls!!!) and don't know what to do with yourself... this happens...

I definitely need to improve my photography skills, but my iphone always comes in handy in times of desperation!

So, the story behind these beautiful pics of mine is my day to night ensemble.  Riding boots by day, booties for a dinner date with good friends.  All that I need to add are some baubles and my Burberry No 17 (the most fabulous red lipstick).  Now this outfit isn't some stroke of genius, it is just that it is so easy to dress up or down.

I am completely obsessed with all of the painterly prints right now, and this Leifsdottir dress in particular makes me so happy!  Every time I put it on, I feel so pretty.  So, I have worn it about a million different ways to make me feel good in this cold and dreary weather.  Let's see I have worn it with my grey booties, my cowboy boots, my fur vest, my fur infinity scarf (courtesy of my BIL)... and now all black.

Anywho, I thought that I would demonstrate what I am always preaching about... making the most of what you have and layering.  I would have taken more beautiful pics of how I have worn my dress, but I am in Ohio and I packed lightly (sort of).  Therefore, you will just have to wait for another day!

                       - Allison


When will the winter end???

I have been in an accessories mood lately...  This always seems to be the case when I feel a bit stuck in my wardrobe.  It starts out the same way every season... you love the change in weather, wear all of your new/updated outfits, then you get excited about the next season's trends/clothes, and finally, you crave a change but the weather is not on your side... it is the end-of-the-season doldrums.

This is when I turn to accessories.  It could be scarves, belts, stockings (how old am I, stockings???), shoes (but with all of this darn snow, ice and rain - winterizing summer shoes is not going to happen right now)... so it will be jewelry.  Specifically bracelets at this moment in time.  Why bracelets?  Well, as the mercury rises, so will my sleeve length.  I really love bracelet length sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves, and with that come the opportunity to pile on the arm candy.

During the winter months, I am a big fan of really long sleeves.  So, my bracelets and watches go into hibernation.  When the time comes that I can don my fur vest, it is time to wake up those beloved pieces.  And, now, during the doldrums, I am ready to infuse some new life into those pieces because something as simple as a bracelet can change the attitude of the same pieces that I have been mixing and matching for several months.

And now, some of the pieces that I love...

... and this is just from Neiman Marcus!

                                                           - Allison
*photos courtesy of neimanmarcus.com


Tibi Fall 2011 = Fabulous

Let me just start by saying that I loved this show!  I have been a fan for a long time, however, I feel like I only think of Tibi when I am looking for a fun dress to wear to an event/party/night out/wedding.  In my world most of these clothes are not very practical for everyday wear.  Not anymore!  Tibi has been known for their very vivid print dresses for a long time, but has started to depart from this look (just a bit) and concentrate more on separates.  This can be seen in their Spring 2011 line, but even more so in the Fall show.  And, they have done a fantastic job!

The show started with neutrals and a pop of pink (love!)  I really could picture myself wearing most of what was shown.  Then the collection moved into dressier looks with laces, prints, a little gold... still sleek and elegant, but interesting.  There was still a lot of layering as well as mixing & matching of different textures and fabrics.  I guess one of the most important things about the collection is that it fell new enough to make you feel like you needed to purchase these looks for the Fall.  I found myself picking out pieces, thinking about how I must have that and how it would fit perfectly into my current wardrobe.  Overall, the collection was fairly simple - nothing was overdone - with ankle-length pants and longer hemlines (which was very refreshing) and I loved every minute of it!

I tried to take pictures, but I am still learning... so there are also a few of my favorites courtesy of tibi.com.

                          - Allison


The Booties - an Update

I managed to put it together.  I found a last minute outfit that was pretty good considering the fact that I didn't buy anything new, and I needed it to be practical as well as cute.  My whole point was to look cool, but understated.  I was there to see the show, take some pictures and take in the atmosphere... not to be the one that everyone was staring at!

If there is one thing about Fashion Week that I have learned, is that it is not about wearing the most outrageous ensemble possible... unless your point is to get noticed (good or bad).  Sometimes, when you try too hard to be fashionable, something just doesn't quite mesh.  Maybe, you just look overdressed or like you tried to wear every trend imaginable because you want to look different... but more on that in a different post!  Either way, the key to looking chic is to stay simple.  Pick a trend, go with it, try to do something a bit different with it and that is it - stop there!

Okay, enough of my rant.  What did I wear?  I wore a pair of black leather/ponte knit leggings, a black sequin tank and a wool henley on top (I had to add something casual).  In my mind I was trying to look like some cool photographer who throws on clothes effortlessly while always managing to look casually chic!  I didn't think that I did to bad of a job, although I could use a lesson on my camera...

Here are a couple of pictures of me... and, yes, I desperately need my hair highlighted!

                                                                     - Allison


The Booties

Okay, this is a test to see if I can post a blog from my phone because I am a web blonde (I saw someone use that once), and feel a bit challenged in the technology area.  However, this is a real dilemma...  I bought these booties because I wanted a mid-heel bootie to wear all of time.  I like the shape of the shoe, but the opening at the top is ridiculously large.  I look like I have serious chicken legs when I put these on.  It is too late to return them, so can I figure out a way to pull them off?  Hmmm... I am going to the Tibi show tonight, they are the perfect heel for trekking around and taking pictures... This will be a challenge!

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Have You Heard?

I must share this immediately... have you heard of BHLDN?  It is from the Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters group) and it is amazing!!!  It is the next step for the woman who loves Anthro... wedding dresses!  And not just wedding dresses, there are dresses (bridesmaid, rehearsal dinner, shower, etc.), shoes, jewelry, accessories, lingerie... all done in the Anthro way - a little bit vintage, whimsical and most definitely unique!

Either way, this is a website that you must check out.  And, for those of you not planning a wedding, there are plenty of things for you as well... the dresses, shoes, lingerie, accessories.  Believe me, I am trying to figure out where and when I can wear all of the beautiful pieces that I have already purchased (in my mind!).  Is it too early to renew my vows - it is going on 7 year???  And, can I wear another wedding dress to this vow renewal?!

Think of BHLDN as that little shop that you go to when you need that special finishing touch for your outfit.  Maybe it is a little bolero for a dressy tank and jeans or a fabulous pair of shoes for your LBD, whatever the occasion this is certainly going to be a new "go to" for me!  I think I am in love...

                         - Allison

*photos courtesy of bhldn.com