When will the winter end???

I have been in an accessories mood lately...  This always seems to be the case when I feel a bit stuck in my wardrobe.  It starts out the same way every season... you love the change in weather, wear all of your new/updated outfits, then you get excited about the next season's trends/clothes, and finally, you crave a change but the weather is not on your side... it is the end-of-the-season doldrums.

This is when I turn to accessories.  It could be scarves, belts, stockings (how old am I, stockings???), shoes (but with all of this darn snow, ice and rain - winterizing summer shoes is not going to happen right now)... so it will be jewelry.  Specifically bracelets at this moment in time.  Why bracelets?  Well, as the mercury rises, so will my sleeve length.  I really love bracelet length sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves, and with that come the opportunity to pile on the arm candy.

During the winter months, I am a big fan of really long sleeves.  So, my bracelets and watches go into hibernation.  When the time comes that I can don my fur vest, it is time to wake up those beloved pieces.  And, now, during the doldrums, I am ready to infuse some new life into those pieces because something as simple as a bracelet can change the attitude of the same pieces that I have been mixing and matching for several months.

And now, some of the pieces that I love...

... and this is just from Neiman Marcus!

                                                           - Allison
*photos courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

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