Will You Wear Red on Valentine's Day?

To be totally honest, I am not one who dresses in specific colors to celebrate a holiday or sporting event.  If the Steelers (my hubbie's favorite team) are playing the Patriots, I won't go to the bar wearing navy or red, but I am also not going in black or yellow (well, maybe black...).  I don't wear orange & black on Halloween, green & red on or around Christmas, or red... until now.... I am starting to rethink wearing red on Valentine's day.

Why?  Well, first, I am in a Spring mood!  I don't want to look at anymore wool sweaters, snow boots, or puffy coats.  I am obsessed with brown/neutral woven heels, maxi dresses, flare jeans and any type of dress that is silk or chiffon with a great drape!  And, for some reason I cannot get red (or any variation of the color) mixed with neutrals off of my brain.  With the resurgence of the neutral heel, handbag and belt, there are so many more ways to wear red that help to soften the color a bit.

Let's face it, red can be a very harsh color.  Paired with black accessories is not a bad look, but very heavy and expected.  Pairing red with an animal print is cute, but there have to be other options.  Enter the neutral shoe and accessories.  It is so nice to have so many options... nude, grey, metallic, even a pale blush... this is a fantastic season for variety, which leads to a perfect scenario for experimentation.  Beautiful red dresses, shorts, pants... there is just so much to play with, you really must try one piece this spring!  So, will you wear red on Valentine's Day?

                         - Allison

*photos courtesy of saksfifthavenue.com, jcrew.com, yoox.com & topshop.com

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