The Key to Looking Good for the Super Bowl

Okay, I have had enough with the style segments about "how to dress for the super bowl".  To take a step back, we all fall into one of these categories... not attached, dating, married, married with kids, or just simply a fan of football.  The importance of these categories, really nothing.  Although, it may mean that you are going to a bar vs. a house party or possibly staying home, but when it comes to your super bowl style, it doesn't mean much.  So, no matter what category you are in, the same rules apply... the key to dressing for the super bowl is to look good without looking like you tried.

Do I sound confusing yet?  My point is don't look like you tried too hard... for example, this morning I watched a segment on E! where they talked about wearing a tee, jeans and green peep-toes (if you are a Packers fan). Well, if you live anywhere besides LA or Miami (and a handful of other locales), you are going to look sort of silly showing up to a football party wearing heels, seriously!  I mean, it is a Sunday night, the ground is covered with snow &  ice and this party is based on a sport... not really a time for heels (unless you are going to a nice bar or live in a nice climate - then I might reconsider).  For the rest of us dealing with this awful weather, this is the time to let your creativity go... a perfect outfit would be something casual, with a dressy or unusual twist that is 100% you!  How does this happen?  It starts by playing with what you have... have fun with mixing & matching dressy with casual and most definitely think outside of the box.

Obviously this depends on your individual style, but what about taking that sequin tank and putting it under a loose-fit tee.  Or, dress up your casual duds (no sneakers, please) with some fabulous costume jewelry.  Maybe you add some fun layers to an otherwise basic ensemble (another use for your striped long-sleeve tee). or what about your favorite flowing "hippie-like" top and a leather jacket?  The options are endless, but it all depends on your own wardrobe - don't buy anything new.  Because this is a fairly casual event (for the most of us), I challenge you to find a completely new outfit with what you already own.  I know you can do it, and you will feel much more comfortable in your own clothes vs. what you thought you "should" wear.

Be creative, have fun and Go Steelers!

                      - Allison

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