Chartreuse... hmmm?

A color that seems to pop up here and there, some seasons it takes a backseat and blends in with a print while in others it plays a much bigger role in spring clothes.  Well, this is one of those years that chartreuse has decided to step it up... whether it is in accessories - handbags, shoes, etc - or in clothing.  I am so excited about this because I love chartreuse!  It is one of those colors that I always gravitate to, I can't help myself.  However, in past years I have tried various shades and it never really seems to do much for me.  So, I continue in this cycle of loving the color, buying clothing the color, looking sick in the clothing and never wearing the clothing... and so the cycle continues, until now!

I have come to a realization that just like any other color, chartreuse - a mixture of yellow and green - comes in various yellow/green combinations.  And just like red, there is a specific combination that works for everyone.  Those with more pink in their skin will look good in brighter, cooler, more green based chartreuse.  While those with more of a yellow tinge are better with more subdued, warmer, and yellow based chartreuse.  And, since our skin varies, the best way to test the color is to hold it to your face and see if it does anything for you... do your eyes brighten or do they look a bit dull?  You will find the color that is just right for you!

Now that you armed with the knowledge to pick the correct color for your skin, it is time to shop!  Shall it be a dress, a print or maybe a handbag or a shoe (if you need to warm up to the color a bit more)???  Well, this is a great season to wear this color alone, wear it to pop a neutral look or what about a classic look with navy and white?  There are so many options, it is time to just have fun and experiment!

               - Allison

*photos courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com, zappos.com & shopbop.com

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