I become obsessed with things frequently and often.  Some of these obsessions are fleeting.  Others seem to endure, and have become part of my look.  I wanted to share them with you...

I have learned (after years of terrible pictures) that with my coloring, I must have blond(ish) hair and bright lips.  Pale pinks, nude lips... I try and try, but they never seem to work.  I have finally found three different colors that I cannot live without...

Burberry 17 (Union Red) - The most fabulous red, I swear.

Burberry 16 (Claret) - A bright rosy pink to wear when red doesn't feel quite right...

Poppy King for J.Crew - The coolest orangey red that is sheer enough to wear everyday.

Billy Short Frye boots - I can't seem to tear them off my feet.  I wear them with everything!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Aviators - Perfectly oversize and cool... just call me "Maverick"!

Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch in Bright Blue... enough said! 

                                            - Allison