The Booties - an Update

I managed to put it together.  I found a last minute outfit that was pretty good considering the fact that I didn't buy anything new, and I needed it to be practical as well as cute.  My whole point was to look cool, but understated.  I was there to see the show, take some pictures and take in the atmosphere... not to be the one that everyone was staring at!

If there is one thing about Fashion Week that I have learned, is that it is not about wearing the most outrageous ensemble possible... unless your point is to get noticed (good or bad).  Sometimes, when you try too hard to be fashionable, something just doesn't quite mesh.  Maybe, you just look overdressed or like you tried to wear every trend imaginable because you want to look different... but more on that in a different post!  Either way, the key to looking chic is to stay simple.  Pick a trend, go with it, try to do something a bit different with it and that is it - stop there!

Okay, enough of my rant.  What did I wear?  I wore a pair of black leather/ponte knit leggings, a black sequin tank and a wool henley on top (I had to add something casual).  In my mind I was trying to look like some cool photographer who throws on clothes effortlessly while always managing to look casually chic!  I didn't think that I did to bad of a job, although I could use a lesson on my camera...

Here are a couple of pictures of me... and, yes, I desperately need my hair highlighted!

                                                                     - Allison

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