Zang Toi Fall 2011 - Perfect for a Gala

It all started yesterday morning while I watched The Turning Point for the umpteenth time.  You know the classic ballet movie with Shirley Maclaine, Anne Bancroft and Mikhail Baryshnikov from 1977.  I am a sucker for ballet movies, and I love the clothing... there is something about the '70s style and the way the dancers dress, that I just love!  Ok, so back to my point - I had ballet on the brain.

Fast forward to last night, I am at Lincoln Center waiting for the Zang Toi Fall 2011 fashion show to start.  There is a screen with Zang's picture and the shot of him was very elegant (pictured in a tux).  It wasn't at all the way I think of him when he was introduced on Real Housewives of NY a couple of seasons ago.  Do you remember?  Jill Zarin, a very good customer, goes to see him about designing a dress for an event (or something like that).  All that I really remember is Zang being a bit hyper and running around in a kilt, so this photo was quite a departure from the image that I have of him.

The show starts and the music was beautiful.  Dramatic, elegant, classical music that definitely set the mood.  Then, the models come out... the clothes were beautiful and tailored.  Lots of camel infused with an emerald green that was very striking.  Fairly simple clothing - trouser style pants, pencil skirts with little details - pleating, draping, embellishment.  It wasn't overdone.  It was just enough to give the clothes some interest.  The other half of the show was devoted to ball gowns.  All I could think of with the music and the dramatic look of the models, was that these dresses would be perfect for the gala that is standard in every ballet movie.  The dresses were beautiful, but obviously these gowns are only going to appeal to a particular clientele that has the specific need for them.  And, for the finale, out walks Jill Zarin wearing a $30,000 jewel encrusted gown.  I am not quite sure where you would wear this, but it was dramatic and the show was fabulous!

 P.S.  My pictures aren't great.  There was an extremely grumpy man behind me who threatened to have me thrown out if I stood up to take a picture again!

                         - Allison

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