Things I learned at Fashion Week...

As a stylist, I live for Fashion Week!  As a mother of two small girls, I dread (just a bit) all of the plans that must be made in order to be able to attend Fashion Week.  I am sure many of you mothers can relate... coordinating childcare, car pooling, car seats, etc... seriously exhausting!  But in the end, all of the stress is worth it because there is no place that I would rather be than Fashion Week!

Just as an example... one morning I am changing diapers, brushing teeth, dealing with my daughter's outbursts because she doesn't want to wear a specific dress & sweater combo, racing to get them to preschool on time, and then... magically... a bit later I am standing outside at Lincoln Center... ahhhh, Heaven!

On this specific day, Anna Wintour brushed right by me... amazing!  Then, Rachel Zoe & her hubby, Rodge, raced by me to get to the Michael Kors show on time... I die!  Besides getting to witness beautiful clothes firsthand, these little moments make all of the stress worthwhile.  However, there always seem to be a few bumps in the road on the way to these magical moments... which leads to some things I learned while attending Fashion Week.  I guarantee that these will apply to your everyday activities as well...

1.  Do not drive your mommy mobile into the city with a car top carrier!!!  Very important!  Apparently all parking garages have a clearance of about 6'3", and believe me, that is not going to cut it!

2.  I know you want to wear heels, but if you are running around, make sure that they are wedges!  I almost twisted my ankle twice while trying to take pictures and notes, you think I would learn by now.  And, can you imagine how embarrassing that would be to do that in front of Anna Wintour???

3.  I must remember to carry my Hermès bag next time, what was I thinking???  But seriously, if I had one, I would.  More importantly use a bag with a cross-body strap when you are actively working with your hands.  It is way too awkward to juggle a handbag, take pictures & notes... I am sure you already knew that.  

4.  Always remember a lint brush and baby wipes!  You never know when you are going to find slobber or snot on your black pants, your new blouse or sweater... they always get you when you least expect it!

Hopefully these are some helpful tips... just some things I learned last week!

         - Allison


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