Outfit Idea: Comfy Clothes

As I opened my eyes this morning and started to wake up, I instantly filled with dread.  I came to the realization that my body ached with every move I made, I had a dull, throbbing pain in my head, it was very painful to swallow and trying to get myself out of bed was the very last thing that I wanted to do.  I just wanted to cry... being sick with kids is no fun.

There used to be a time when I wished for the flu to strike.  Those days in high school when I hadn't studied or had a paper due then next day (and I hadn't started it yet).  Once I started working in the "real world", I happily accepted the occasional cold or flu that kept me home.  It meant that I could lie in bed all day catching up on my soaps and have a little "me" time. You knew work wasn't going anywhere and when you were feeling like yourself again, you would simply catch up.  Now that I have children, I never want to get sick again.

The only thing that comes with being sick with kids is a very long day of dragging yourself around while you try to take anything you can to dull the pain.  Nothing stops with kids.  There are no "sick" days, and the worst part is you get sick much more often with kids.  They seem to bring home something constantly!

Obviously, clothing is not the first thing you care about when feeling lousy.  But, you still have to pick yourself up, take the kids to school, ballet, art class... whatever it may be you are going to have to appear in public.  Rather than wearing your pajamas or sweats, I have got the perfect solution for you.  The maxi dress.

A maxi dress in a soft, comfortable jersey is a girl's best friend on a sick day.  It has the comfort of a nightgown, gaucho pants (do you remember those?!) or even your favorite yoga pants.  There is one exception, though... you look much more polished in a dress vs running around in yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

My dress of choice today was a T by Alexander Wang dress that I bought last spring.  I love this dress to death!  It doesn't drag on the floor, so it is easy to move around in and I can wear it with flat shoes.  The styling of the dress is simple... a basic tank dress that has a bit of an uneven hem.  It is a perfect blank slate for dressing up or down.  I am feeling a little more chilly than usual today, so I layered a white tank and a fitted crewneck cableknit sweater over it and slipped on my favorite cowboy booties.  Perfect!

I am so excited about my "under the weather" ensemble that I may need to add more pieces to closet that can be used for these types of days.  Some things I came across...

This Ella Moss dress is perfect!  I love the stripes and the versatility of the style and pattern. I must own this dress!

When I am not up to par, I usually don't feel very colorful.  On an "under the weather day" I would probably add a black, cozy cocoon cardi.  However, a bright color would look super cute as well.  Since black doesn't show up as well, here are images of both the black and white Wilfred Diderot Sweater from Aritzia.  This is a must have for those "icky" days or just to throw on at the beach. 

As far as shoes go,  I need something flat and comfortable.  A biker boot would be perfect with this look on chillier days and a cute sandal would be great as the temp rises..  Who can go wrong with the Frye Phillip Harness Bootie... love!

This might have to be my new "go to" sick day look... time to go shopping!

                                                                                                                                - Allison

*Photos courtesy of shopbop.com and aritzia.com.

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