Je T'Aime

I love these Jimmy Choo sandals!  They are gorgeous!  I started drooling the moment I saw them, but $995, seriously!  I have a very good feeling that a purchase of this size would not go over very well at home.  So, in their place, I found these sexy Calvin Klein sandals... only $148!

You are probably wondering what my obsession with python print is, right?  Well, it is the perfect warm weather counterpart to the leopard print!  Not that snakeskin is only wearable in the summer and animal in the winter, you can definitely rock both all year round!  It is just that after wearing the calf hair off of both my animal print flats and heels, I think that it is time to give them a rest!  Plus, how fabulous does  the snakeskin look with white, nude or blush tones, even black... This print is more exciting than a nude heel, but still is light enough in color that it doesn't scream notice me first!  Therefore, it will help to elongate the leg.  Plus, I love the caged look and I think that Calvin Klein did a fabulous job of giving the shoe some umph! yet elegant at the same time.  What more could you ask for?

Oh, and I almost forgot, this particular shoe would look hot with shorter length dresses and just as perfect with the new longer lengths (yay!)... and, the maxi obsession continues...

This is a print that everyone should consider investing in... a clutch and belt are also great purchases!

                                    - Allison

*Photos courtesy of nordstrom.com and endless.com.

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