DVF Rocks!

I have a very serious crush on Diane Von Furstenberg.  I love the way that she believes women should embrace their femininity and "wear a dress" while kicking ass.  I also love her prints and the way her clothes fit just right.  Oh, and I love her use of silk jersey... it is a perfect fabric.   Like I said, I heart DVF (especially the dresses)... sigh.

As you can imagine, I was extremely excited to find out that she was re-releasing some of her vintage prints this past month!  And, let me tell you, they are fabulous!  Let's just say, slip on one of these dresses and you will be effortlessly chic for any event this summer... shopping in the Hamptons, sipping a cocktail at the Chatham Bars Inn (a personal favorite!), hosting a party, lounging by the pool or even going to work... these pieces are simply irresistible!

These above looks (and plenty more) are available at dvf.com.

                                   - Allison
*photos courtesy of the huffingtonpost.com, Tim Boxer/Hulton Archive/Getty, dvf.com

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