Spring Skiing Inspires...

Well, it seems very fitting that I am writing about my trip to Stowe, VT as the snow falls heavily outside.  I went to Stowe last week thinking that this would be the last time that I saw snow, but I was wrong!  However, since we were on the verge of spring skiing last week, my post today is perfect for this crazy cold one day, warm the next weather we have to endure for the next few weeks.

As I have written about before, I have been out of the skiing loop for several years.  Now that my daughters are old enough to start skiing (yay!!!), I am ready to jump back in, but what do I wear?  I was excited to go to Stowe just to check out the latest in skiing gear and apres ski dressing.

So what did I learn?  As with all clothing, the most important thing is the fit.  It doesn't really matter what color combo you choose, just make sure your jackets and pants are as fitted as they can be.  It is nice that North Face, Spyder, etc have gotten wise to the fact that we don't want to look like giant Michelin men out on the slopes.  It isn't too hard now to find slim fitting ski clothes at any price point.  However, skiing is still expensive.  It is definitely an investment.

The next most important thing for the warmer weather... great looking wellies.  The boot of choice in Stowe at this time of year is the rubber rain boot.  Just like today, you might be walking in snow one minute, rain the next and later there will be lots of mud.

Also, important, a great pair of sunnies.  These are essential as you sit outside enjoying a frosty beverage after a hard day of skiing.  It really depends on your own personal style, but I think the best kind to wear in ski country are something dark and more athletic looking... a great pair of dark metal aviators would be perfect!  But then again, a fabulous pair of black Chanel shades are a classic and will always look good.
To complete your apres ski look, pull your hair back in a pony, add some lipstick, wear some warm leggings underneath your ski pants to wear with your wellies and you will be all set!  

Even if you aren't hitting the slopes any time soon, take these tips and apply to the weather right now!

                                 - Allison
*Photos courtesy of nytimes.com, spyder.com, hunter-boot.com & saksfifthave.com

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