Ooooohhh, Bamboo!

I don't know about you, but once the temps start to rise in the next couple of weeks, I will once again be turning to my warm weather uniform... v-neck tee's and white tanks.  They might be layered with sweaters and my fur vest, but I will be wearing them soon!  I have only been staring at them for how many months... who, knows... I have lost count!

Alright, onto my point before I put you to sleep!  I recently happened upon some amazing tee's!  First, they are made from bamboo.  And, why does this matter?  Well, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial (which means no odor).  And, just like all of these athletic looking dri-fit shirts we all wear to the gym, the bamboo is a hollow fiber and does this naturally, wicking away the sweat.  Another awesome fact (like you need another one!), bamboo is highly breathable, which means it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  So the icing on the cake, bamboo is much better for the environment and requires no pesticides to grow!  I believe it is time to join Team Bamboo!

Okay, now that we have all of the technical facts, we are down to the wire... how does it feel?  Um, well, totally soft and wonderful!  Better than cotton!  It is time to head to thebambooshirt.com and take a look.  There are v-necks, unisex crew's or maybe go with a bit of an oversize men's v-neck... oh, the possibilities...

I was lucky enough to discover these bamboo tee's the night of the Dress for Success event.  Patrick Smith, who is a member of Team Toi, has branched out with these fabulous line of tee's.  Otherwise known as P-Three Bamboo, these shirts are amazing!  I highly recommend that you add these to your wardrobe!

Just think about how good (and sexy) a soft v-neck tee will look with a bit of jewelry and a maxi skirt (sorry, my obsession) or a pair of long and lean flare jeans... just saying...

*Exciting news... enter promo code "styledirection" at thebambooshirt.com for %53 off website prices!!!

                                               - Allison
*Photos courtesy of thebambooshirt.com.

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