This isn't Your Mother's Suit!

I had a baptism a few weeks ago for my irresistibly adorable neice.  My usual "go to" in these situations is a dress.  This is due to the fact that after racing around the house to get everyone ready, I usually only have a matter of minutes to get myself dressed.  At least with a dress, I know that I will look somewhat put together (as long as my shoes match!).  So, what do I do when the weather is scheduled to be cold and rainy?

So, I stressed and stressed because this in-between weather always confounds me.  I try to plan outfits with layers as well as a cold and warm weather option for shoes, but there always seems to be a catch... such as rain!  Then the suede shoes are out as well as the open toe... hmmm.  Plus, who really wants to wear a dress on a cold and rainy day, especially when you are chasing around your kids.

At this point I am mentally flipping through my clothing.  Trying to figure out what isn't too wintry but will still be okay for the weather... then, I had it.  I will wear a suit... sort of...  Now, I am not a suit person.  I owned one once (a really cute bouclé pencil skirt and jacket reminiscent of the 50's) when I first started working.  And that is it.  So, let's just say my suit isn't what you are expecting.  But, after I wore this, I realized that anyone could wear some version of this suit and it would be perfect for work or for special events.  It is also a great way to have some fun in a more conservative environment.

I started with this DVF blouse that I had gotten a few months ago (it is on sale at dvf.com).  This was a fabulous purchase for me... I absolutely love it and have been able to wear it many different ways!  Oh, and I ordered it one size larger for a more dramatic effect.

Then I added the best pair of black pants that I have ever owned, and no they are not too expensive.  They are from Club Monaco.  I bought them a couple of years ago because they were perfect, and they still are!  They have a higher waist (but not extreme) and are perfectly fitted through the hips and bum.  Then they fall into a classic trouser leg... they look good with anything (and everyone must own a pair of black pants like this!).  This is a pair from Zara that are similar... but have a bit more narrow leg.

Okay, so then I needed a jacket.  Now, I am working on my jackets.  I was never a very big jacket person, but as of late, have favored a cool blazer in place of the cardi's that used to wear day all of the time.  Thanks, to my sister (stylist extraordinaire at Jack Threads), I ended up with a very cute cropped black jacket on sale at Urban for about $20!  And, it was perfect for this occasion!  This is a blazer from Zara that is similar...

I wish that I had a picture of myself.  Just to let you know, I was very happy and comfortable with the outcome!  I will definitely start to seek out more interesting jackets and tops to create more suit-like looks because they do take you so far... daytime, out at night, special events, etc.  Something to think about when you are in a rut, or want to take advantage of something that you already own!

                                          - Allison

*Photos courtesy of needleinahaystack.blogspot.com, 1954 McCall's & Vogue, myvintagevogue.com, matchesfashion.com, zara.com.

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