Oh Là Là... the Color!

The Jil Sander Spring 2011 collection has quite possibly been the most photographed assortment of clothing that I have seen in a long time.  Why?  Because it is so refreshing!  Raf Simons, the designer behind the label, played with color, proportion, unexpected combinations and touched on just about all of the trends for the season... a-mah-zing!!!  When I think of this line, I keep hearing Bethenny Frankel... "go big or go home" and that is just what Simon did, literally!  There was no holding back and it is a good thing.  If he had second-guessed himself at all, we would not be able to drool over such a fabulous clothing!

I find this line very inspiring this season.  Especially now, as the weather really starts to change.  The temps are climbing, the flowers and trees (including my beautiful magnolia tree) are blooming, the vibrant blue skies are gorgeous... Spring is in all of it's glory.  This always reinvigorates me!  All, I want to do is get dressed up in beautiful clothing, especially long flowing dresses and skirts!  After several seasons of loading on jewelry, embellished tee's, and metallic everything... this is a much needed breath of fresh air.  Instead of loading on the jewelry or other embellishments, the color and the major pieces of clothing are the only statements needed (plus a pop on the lips)!  The original Jil Sander started her line based on minimalism and understated elegance, and Simons has stayed true to her aesthetic while also keeping the look very modern and "of the moment".

Most of us can't afford to buy this look exactly as it was shown on the runway, but we can at least try to replicate the feeling of line... maybe use some of the ideas to easily update our look this spring/summer.  Most notable to the collection is the use of color - wearing and mixing & matching bright colors -  and major skirts & dresses that make a statement.  Add a bold coat, dress, skirt to the neutrals that you already have in your closet.  If that is too much color, try a bright bag, belt or colorful shoes.  And, if you are more daring, play with your hemlines.  Indulge in a maxi dress or skirt... remember that it is all about your own personal taste and lifestyle.  A maxi does not have to hit the floor.  It can be ankle-length and worn with flip flops or motorcycle boots.  Or, you can it up with wedges or a cool platform heel.

Most importantly, have some fun with your clothing... it shouldn't be a chore!

                                        - Allison
*Photos courtesy of style.com.

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