What Would You Do Without Shoes?

I am sure by now everyone has heard of TOMS shoes.  It is the result of traveler Blake Mycoskie befriending children in Argentina, only to learn that they did not have any shoes.  He returned to the United States and officially started the "One for One" campaign, otherwise known as TOMS shoes.  When you buy one pair, one pair is given to a child in need.  What a fantastic yet simple idea... a way to buy something that you really can use at an affordable price with the added bonus of knowing that you are truly helping a child in need is genius!

The reality of the situation is that going barefoot can be very bad for your health and future.  Many diseases are transmitted through the soil, cuts caused by being barefoot can get infected and many children are not allowed in school without shoes.  So, you really are doing so much by investing in a pair of TOMS.

From a fashion standpoint, they are really cute shoes.  They have come a long way from their inception, and  I believe that this has really helped the brand become so well-known.  Think of these shoes as the keds for the 21st century.  They are casual, cool and fun.  Now available in a variety of colors, prints and textures... there is something for everyone.  TOMS even introduced a wedge this spring... fabulous!

They can be worn with your white jeans, a sundress, to the playground, running errands or out for a casual night.  The price of these shoes ranges from about $40-$70 depending on the style.  Not such a bad price when you think about what you are doing when you make that purchase.  Seriously, what you would you do without shoes?

For more information about the One for One campaign or A Day Without Shoes, visit Toms website.  And don't forget to make your investment in TOMS this spring... c'est chic!

                                    - Allison
*photos courtesy of nordstrom.com

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