A New Year, a new me... maybe?

It is such a wonderful feeling, the start of a new year!  Armed with a plethora of resolutions and the excitement of a new beginning, I feel like I could conquer the world!  Let's see... I would like to start eating healthy, exercise regularly, be more organized, figure out a schedule that actually works, and, most importantly, I would like to do a better job of wearing everything that is already in my closet instead of always feeling like I have to buy something new!

Hmmm... I am sure that I can do it, but as part of my job, I am shopping continously.  It might be for a client, for my blog or just to see what is new, but it is all of the time!  Then, I thought to myself, all of the clothes right now are resort.  I am not going anywhere this Spring (unfortunately), so why do I need clothes for warm weather.  Seriously, we are in for at least two months of cold, gray, snowy, slushy, wet weather.  Most of the clothes that I would buy right now, I would sit and stare at for the next two months and then everything will go on sale!

However, that is not to say that there aren't going to be great finds... the perfect wear now, wear later piece... who can resist that.  A scarf or a piece of jewelry to brighten up your outfit, or my favorite right now... floral dresses.  Perfect for summer, but also great right now with tights, chunky knits or faux fur... I love!  As an example, I received this fabulous floral Anthropologie dress for Christmas.  On top of that, I scored an even more fabulous faux fur infinity scarf in a white elephant style gift exchange on Christmas eve (I had to steal it from my brother in law!).  Technically, I didn't buy anything but with my two new gifts there are so many possibities.  These are the type of purchases that are really worthwhile... pieces that can be worn over and over again in many different looks.

If you are interested, Anthropologie has a great selection of floral/watercolor dresses, blouses and sweaters - I might be a bit obsessed!  And, there are many faux fur infinity scarves out there, and many are on sale! The one pictured above is a Ccc scarf.  Maybe these aren't quite your style, but either way, make sure that the purchases you do make will go the distance.  Otherwise, it may be better to hold off, especially at this time of the year.

         - Allison

* photos courtesy of anthropologie.com & lorisshoes.com

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