The Importance of Layering

I recently got the chance to go skiing for the day without my children.  I was so excited!!!  I love skiing but rarely get a chance to go...  I had a fabulous day (no falls!), and then, of course, après skiing (always something to look forward to)... this is when I start to think about fashion, how can I not?

Skiing is one of the sports that people express themselves through what they are wearing on the mountain.  However, unless you get to ski frequently throughout the winter, or you have a very large disposable income, you are not really able to update your coat and pants every time you hit the slopes.  So, you make do with what you have.  The most important thing is to stay warm, and maybe try to wear the most flattering coat and pants possible, right?  I mean, my coat might be really old, and I did have to get new pants recently, but they aren't anything exciting... as long as I don't look like the abominable snowman, I will be okay!

Really, I would prefer to look cute when I am having my much deserved beer while listening to the band or sitting in front of the fire at the end of the day.  Alright, so how do I look cute, but I don't want to look like I am trying... effortless sporty chic!  Well, it is all in the layers!  So stop worrying about your coat and pants.  Focus in on what you are wearing underneath, and what will look good with your snow pants and a bit of lip gloss.

Ditch the standard turtleneck and heavy wool sweater and go with something more fun.  For starters, why not replace the fleece neck warmer with a little faux fur?  Why not layer a sailor stripe tee over your Under Armour, or find a striped sweater with low bulk and an flattering fit (sorry, I have sailor stripes on the brain!)???  Maybe you go with a v-neck sweater and top with a colorful scarf that makes your eyes pop?  Worried about being too cold?  Pair a fitted fleece jacket (for warmth) over a cute tee and then ditch the fleece when you are ready to hang out.

Really there wouldn't be much cost involved, most of these items are probably already in your closet.  If not, a little investment wouldn't be a loss.  Anyway of the above mentioned items could be worn on or off the mountain... that is what is so great about this!  Don't spend a ridiculous amount of money on the outer shell, worry about the layers beneath.

                 - Allison

*photos courtesy of neimanmarcus.com, macys.com, jcrew.com & echodesign.com

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