Going to New Lengths

There is a certain skirt that I have been completely obsessed with since I first saw the Tory Burch Resort preview last summer.  It is a beautiful blue chiffon skirt with an Indian print... it is perfect and brings out my inner hippie (I will wear it and listen to the Dead - reliving the memories of the one & only Grateful Dead concert that I was able to attend)!  There is one problem, though, it is a maxi skirt... a floor grazing maxi skirt!  The question being, how and when am I ever going to wear this skirt that I have been drooling over for the last 6 months!

First of all, it is January.  It has been snowing every other day... the snow from right after Christmas still has not melted.  It isn't like I can wear the skirt while I am scraping off my car, or better yet, when I have to trudge through a slush covered parking lot.  So is it worth the purchase?  Well, in a couple of months the snow will melt, the temps will rise and it would look really pretty with a couple of layers and some boots... it would also look awesome with just a white tank and flip flops... Oh, and if I ever go to a party or to some exotic locale, it would absolutely perfect to wear!

So, my question to you... will you adopt the new length this spring?  Maxi dresses and skirts are everywhere - part of the 70's invasion!  We have been bombarded lately with all of the different ways to
wear them now and how to wear them later, but is it really practical?  Maybe if you live in LA or Miami, but for the rest of us?  The other problem is that trying to accomplish your daily errands or while you race to catch the train or subway, this might not be the best piece of clothing to wear... but, if you save this look for a lazy day, a party or just when you want to feel pretty, it might just work!

My advice to you, don't dismiss this trend until you give it some thought.  There are so many different styles available right now, you will probably find something that is perfect for you and your lifestyle!

                 - Allison

*Photos courtesy of toryburch.com, bergdorfgoodman.com, neimanmarcus.com & saksfifthavenue.com

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