TGFMBP! (Thank God for my Black Pants)

I know that I have mentioned before about how important basics are to your wardrobe.  I am also aware that everyone thinks basics are "boring", but they are the foundation.  If you don't have the basics, then you are going to be in trouble!  The other important thing about basics is that they do have to be replaced every few years.  They will start to show wear or the styles change a bit... I just had to get rid of my black t-neck sweaters because I went to put one on, and they all came up to my belly button, seriously!

Okay, back to my point, do you have a "go to" pair of black pants?  The pair of pants that you look and feel amazing in every time you wear them.  Well, if not, it is time to get a pair.  Believe me they will save your life in a fashion sort of way.  As an example, the other night my husband and I were invited out to dinner at 4 pm - our reservation was 6:30 pm.  Between frantically texting babysitters and picking up the house, the last thing I could do was worry about what I was going to wear.  So when it came time to get dressed I said "TGFMBP"!

The beautiful thing about these pants is that they always make me feel tall and chic!  I can put on a tee and jewelry, a dressy top or even my short, straight shift... it doesn't matter, I always look good (at least I think I do) when I wear my favorite black pants.  Therefore it is essential that you have that pair of pants that always make you look and feel fabulous!

The important thing to remember is that they must be a classic style, but it needs to suit you and your body. For me, I have a great pair of skinny black pants and then the pair that I was referring to, which are a classic pair of trouser pants, but more fitted through the hip with a slight flare.  Now it is up to you to go and try on as many different black pants until you find the perfect pair.

                                                          - Allison
*photos courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com & dvf.com

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