NYFW Street Style Inspires...

I admit, I couldn't even bring myself to start sifting through all of the Fashion Week images.  The thought of Spring fashion is just not on my radar yet.  I am more concerned about getting my closet ready for Fall let alone worrying about what I will be wearing next May.  The other issue, while Fall trends can influence our Spring/Summer looks, it is much harder to translate new Spring looks into inspiration for Fall.  So, I will leave Spring trends for another day and focus on NYFW street style for inspiration.

I am a big street style fan.  I love seeing how different people make the season's trends their own.  It is a  perfect way for self-expression as well as inspiration for others.  You never know where your next great outfit idea will come from, so keep your eyes peeled.  

With that being said, I was a bit disappointed this go around.  While there are always brilliantly dressed women, it seems that most are just trying way too hard.  It's as though people are forsaking true style to be as outrageous as possible to catch the eye of the nearest photographer.  The obsession with becoming "famous" is leading to silly, ridiculous and not flattering looks.  Where has the style gone?

Uninspiring pics aside, there were still some great looks.  Oversized clutches seemed to be the bag of choice, while bold and edgy accessories were all the rage.  When it comes to clothing choices, anything goes...

Just remember... Keeps looks clean.  Do not overthink.  Be comfortable.  

                                                                                                                             - Allison

*Photos courtesy of nymag.com.

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