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I am so excited to share my latest fab find with you... Kirna Zabête for Target.  This collection debuted September 9th, and is full of fun pieces that you must own... trust me.

Let's just say that as I entered my local Target yesterday afternoon to pick up a few soccer things for my girls, I was immediately drawn to the women's section.  I spied some fun and colorful prints that were not Target's standard fare.  I quickly realized that I had completely missed the debut of a fabulous new collection, and apparently the entire marketing campaign that went with it.

I didn't have much time with my beloved G&E in tow, so I swiftly grabbed a super cute shift (they actually had my size!) with the intention of doing a bit more research back at the ranch.  My wheels immediately started turning about this dress that I had just scored... $35, made well, wearable fabric, could be worn to work, pick up or out to dinner... in other words, perfect!  

My dress...

I was so curious about the other pieces in the collection and who exactly Kirna Zabête was, that I had to get on the computer asap... Kirna Zabête is a boutique in NYC (Soho to be exact) that was started 11 years ago by two friends with quite a history in the industry.  KZ is fun, colorful and chic - known for its lavender floors as well as their fab high-end designer pieces - clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.  I then discovered that Target has started targeting cool out-of-the-way shops to create collections that become a shop-within-a-shop at Target.  

The above was just my initial reaction to this a-mah-zing collection.  You can imagine my excitement when I actually tried on the dress (picture to come later)...  it fits so well, it feels like it is much more expensive than it is, it different and cute and I can truly wear it everywhere.  The funniest part is that after staring at myself in the mirror for a bit, I went to Kirna Zabête's website.  There I found a quote, which pretty much sums up my feelings about their collection...

The dream is to have the perfect outfit that can
take us through the daily schizophrenia of being
working mothers. Something above the
ordinary that can go the distance from runway
show to soccer field sidelines. We designed the
entire Kirna Zabête at Target collection to mix
and match together. You can get an entire
wardrobe of downtown cool. There are only
good combinations. It's a mini lesson in print
mixing. A lesson in MORE is MORE and accessory
madness. Wear a hat! Add a floral print trench
coat! Take a tiny risk! S T R E T C H.

They really did hit the nail on the head.  Even better, you can shop this collection on their website with free shipping.  
Here are some of my favorites....

Get out there and start shopping before it's gone... 

                                                                                                                 - Allison

*Photos courtesy of kirnazabete.com.

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