Outfit Idea: Dreaming of Chartreuse

I have a bit of an obsession (okay, I have many obsessions), but this one is more dire.  I would say it is on par with my love of blue suede shoes, which equates to a fairly serious problem.  Now that you literally dying with anticipation, I will share it with you... I am a chartreuseaholic.

I can't help myself.  I always find myself drawn to this color... it doesn't matter where, and Pinterest is not helping!

I love it for parties...

I love it in kitchens...

I love it for shoes (although this is more of the green version - I prefer more yellow)...

I love it in fashion... 

And, I love it on me.

You can just imagine my delight when I found that J. Crew's Bubble Necklace was available in a "lemon lime".  I can't wait to wear this many different ways, but my most favorite is keeping it simple with white.

                                       - Allison

*Photos courtesy of pinterest.com.

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