Fab Find: Tons of Treasures

Well, it's not rocket science, but I think that I have discovered the best formula for looking good in this oppressive heat. Curious???

Let me start by saying that I came to this realization while packing for my week at the Cape.  I was guaranteed a week of fabulously warm and sunny weather last week (very rare!), and wanted to pack as light as possible.  I started thinking about the days... really just needed swimsuits and coverups, maybe a pair of shorts or two.  Much more important was what I was going to wear in the evenings.  We had several adult nights planned, and this was my chance to get all dolled up... well, as dolled up as you can get in a casual sort of way!

After much hemming and hawing, I came up with a solution.... lots of accessories and simple dressing.  The only problem is the accessory part can be tricky.  Technically, you can get away with wearing the same pants, dress, or top multiple times with different accessories.  But, accessories can get pricey.  Especially if you favor J.Crew, Alexis Bittar, Giles & Brother, etc.  Purchasing one of these pieces takes as much thought and investment as a nice dress.  Therefore it can take years to build a fab collection.

I was stuck on this one for a bit.  Usually I prefer quality over quantity, until I stepped in my local accessories store... Tons of Treasures.  If you are familiar with Wyckoff, NJ, you have probably been to this gem before.  For a very specific reason (Grace, 6 and Emma, 4), I don't frequent too many small stores.  Therefore I have missed out on this new addition to my town.

My new "discovery" is a small boutique that is chock full of bags, scarves, jewelry for women and girls.  It really is full of treasures!  What I love is that the accessories are inexpensive, but don't scream "I bought this for $9.99!".   You get exceptional quality for very little investment, and I am pretty certain that there really isn't any way to beat that.

Entering Tons of Treasures gives a woman the same feeling that a child has entering a candy store... a surge of excitement, a sense of awe at the selection and a the promise that you will find a unearth a fabulous jewel that will just be the perfect touch for that dress you wanted to wear Saturday night!

If you are in and around Wyckoff you must check out Tons of Treasures.  If not, scour out a fun accessories place close to you.  Don't just run to your local Forever 21, you will get much more personality and quality from an individually owned store in town.  Go find something fun to dress up that simple tank dress for a whole new look this weekend!

                                                                                                                   - Allison

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