Fab Find: The Perfect Lipstain

One of my most favorite things about the summer are those perfect days spent at the pool or beach, followed by a quick turnaround for a fun night out. I love throwing on a cute dress, a great pair of earrings, attempting the "been at the beach all day wavy hair"' and the fact that all I need to apply to my sun kissed skin is a great mascara and a bright lipstick (well, at least in a perfect world!).

However, to make this night out flawless, the right lipstick is key. I realized this not too long ago when heading to a party one Saturday afternoon. I quickly grabbed my "go to" pink lipstick in a rush. I never really had a chance to check myself out in the mirror until I visited the restroom a while later.  I was horrified. I looked so garish. At that moment it dawned on me that (just like your clothing), you must lighten your lipstick weight in warmer months.

I can't say that this is entirely a new concept. It is more or less about the fact that I have never been been able to find anything that is worth raving about. You have no idea how many abandoned glosses, stains, chubby sticks, etc that are inhabiting multiple old makeup bags in my closet because nothing ever works. I always buy into the advertisements... long-lasting, moisturizing, lightweight. They never live up to the hype.

Cut to two weeks ago, I was on a trip to CVS for some random errand. As I entered the store, I almost ran smack into some massive advertisement for Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.  The colors looked very bright (even for me!), and I hesitated... I honestly felt like I was too old to try this.  Eventually I decided to give it a whirl.  It was only $9.

So, it was one of my best purchase's to date.  It looks like a chubby crayon and is self-sharpening.  It is a lightweight gel formula that does not wear off.  It is moisturizing in the sense that it won't dry your lips out, but it does not take the place of a lip balm.  The best part - it truly is a stain.  You don't look like you have lipstick caked on, but still have color.  It is fantastic!  For those who know me, you know that I honestly believe that everyone looks better with a little lip color.  It is very important!

There are 12 shades.  Some are brighter, others are more neutral.  There is definitely a color for everyone.  I am the happy owner of a pink and a red, and I would like to try a couple of other colors.  Why not?  Summer is the perfect time to experiment.

                                                                                                                            - Allison

*Photos courtesy of revlon.com.

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