Outfit Idea: A Weekend at the Cape

I live for our weekend getaways to Cape Cod in the summer.  There is nothing quite like the sense of peace that I find at the Cape.  I love the cool Cape breeze, the picturesque views and, of course, it is the perfect place to let my inner prep shine.

Long days on the beach, sailing, the Kennedy's... it couldn't be more stereotypical, right?!  And, I love it!  Packing for the Cape is always very fun.  I love putting together new combo's that just don't seem quite right at home.  Although, packing can be somewhat challenging due to the crazy Cape weather (rain one minute, sun the next, a cool fog rolling in an hour later), I have learned that layering is the key.

This past weekend I tested myself.  I put together a weekend wardrobe to get me through 3 days and 3 nights.  However, I cannot plan every outfit because i like to have options.  Therefore, I pack several separate pieces that can be endlessly mix and matched.  I stuck to a navy, white and chartreuse color theme, and it proved to be very successful!

1. Cotton Dress - does double duty - out to dinner one night, on the boat the next day.
2. Denim Shirt - worn with shorts or pants, also great as an extra layer over my swimsuit.
3. Shorts - worn day or night depending on the temp.
4. Essential White Pants - can be worn with anything.
5. Lightweight Scarf - wear it over my suit or on a chilly evening.
6. Essential White Tank - perfect canvas for my statement necklace or over my suit.
7. Open Weave Sweater - a much needed layering piece.
8 Statement Necklace - the perfect finishing touch.
9. Sequin Tank - a fun piece for an adult night out.
10. Aviators - my sunnies of choice for the Cape (until my hubby crushed them at the beach).
12. Swimsuit - duh!
13. Hat - a must have for the beach.

The only items not included in my pic... a denim jacket, neutral sandals and the essential flip flop.  That's it.  Done and done.

 As I sit here with the breeze blowing through my hair, I am starting to think that these pieces will work well for five nights too.  They better.  My three night weekend just turned into five...

                                                                                                                         - Allison

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