Currently Coveting: Tory Burch Pre-Fall

My goal has has been to try to focus on the season that we are currently in rather than jumping ahead to Fall... especially when it is still 90 degrees everyday.  However, that all went out the window when I spied a certain very gorgeous pair of Tory Burch shoes the other day.

I don't know about you, but I seem to have a very funny relationship with Tory Burch.  More of a love/hate relationship I would say... I absolutely love many of her jackets, dresses, coats, shoes, bags - I guess you could say everything!  But, I hate her prices.  And so this relationship begins again, right wear it left off this Spring...

I have been very taken with many of TB's pre-Fall styles.  It might have to do with her use of navy blue - navy is my signature color, you know.  Or, it might have to do with the sophistication.  Either way, I must share with you two standouts... shoes that are neutral and fabulous enough to look good now, in a couple of months or next year.

Watersnake Venice Sandal - Let's face it, this shoe would look perfect with anything.  I would tend to wear these with dresses and skirts... all types, long and short, slim or flowing.

Patent Leather Lolita Pump - Their is something very feminine and sexy about this shoe... it would also look fabulous with a wide variety of styles.  I do like the idea of it with a sexy sheath or pencil skirt.  Or, a great pair of cropped pants... baggy or with a slim fit.

I suppose it is time to start thinking about transitioning Summer into Fall.  These would definitely be great transition shoes, or maybe their will be a Friends and Family sale...

                                                                                                                        - Allison
*Photos courtesy of toryburch.com.


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